Don't Let a Weak Battery Keep Your Machine Standing Still. Crank it up with a Bobcat heavy-duty battery! Bobcat equipment needs a battery that can deliver the necessary power while withstanding hard jolts and heat. There’s a Bobcat battery specifically designed for your Bobcat equipment.

Bobcat Heavy-Duty Batteries are Designed with Tough Jobs in Mind!

Unlike look-a-like batteries, Bobcat batteries feature:

  • Full-size reinforced plates that store full cranking power—even in extreme conditions
  • Lead-welded post seal and anchored elements
  • Microporous envelope separators for long battery life
  • Specifically designed for Bobcat equipment
  • One-piece cover with foldable suitcase handle for easy installation


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Dependable Service through Dealer Support

Peace of mind from your dealership is one of the best things about owning Bobcat products. Bobcat equipment owners appreciate the support and service of Bobcat dealers.