Bobcat SG60 Clears Stumps at Spanish Golf Course

Posted: 20 June 2022

The prestigious Real Club de Golf de La Coruña (also known as ‘A Zapateira’) is in North-West Spain. It is home to a superb 18-hole golf course designed by Philip Mackenzie Ross and built on very undulating terrain. Philip Mackenzie Ross (1890–1974) was a Scottish golf course architect who worked throughout Europe, developing golf courses in France, Spain and Portugal as well as in the UK. 

The A Zapateira course offers more than 50 hectares to enjoy the sport of golf, merging open areas with rows of trees and several picturesque lakes. With the passage of time and because of inclement weather, some of the many trees on the golf course have been felled and have deteriorated, creating a problem for players and the course management team alike. Talleres Turquino, the Cambre-based Authorised Bobcat Dealer for the local area, has provided a new solution to the problem, removing the remains of damaged trees with a powerful Bobcat SG60 stump grinder attachment mounted on a Bobcat S550 skid-steer loader.

“We have been aware of the problem of tree stumps at the golf course - there are thousands of trees that adorn the spectacular A Zapateira golf course, so it is common that every year a few are lost due to storms or changes in hole design. I proposed a demonstration of the stump grinder attachment and the course liked the results so much that they hired the loader and stump grinder for a few days to leave the entire area free of tree stumps," said Ruben Lorente, manager of Talleres Turquino.

Effectiveness and Speed - A Practical Solution for a Tough Problem

Ruben Lorente continued: “For this task we needed a powerful attachment capable of removing tree stumps efficiently and quickly. It is not a simple job. Most stump cutters are mounted on auger or hydraulic shear systems, both of which are much slower. Much more rudimentary methods with chainsaws and involving a lot of labour have also been used routinely. Some small stumps were also pulled out by machinery that led to erosion of the soil, which later had to be repaired. In the long run, all of these systems are more expensive, require more time, more labour and more materials to repair the damage later.

“Thanks to the power of Bobcat stump grinder attachments, operators can remove many different sizes and different types of wood much more comfortably, 70% faster, more effectively and with a higher quality finish. Users can do this without damaging the surface on which they are working. In addition, the waste material generated is sawdust, which is natural and scattered on the ground, where it disappears almost immediately without damaging the environment."

A Safe Attachment Without Limitations

There are three easy-to-use Bobcat stump grinder attachments to choose from - the SG30, SG60 and the SGX60. The work group on the attachments is mounted at an angle of 90o to the operator for excellent visibility of the cutting area, giving them the same wide view as a pull-behind stump grinder. The swing cylinder design generates an impressive arc, allowing the operator to cut large stumps without repositioning the attachment. 

Rubber deflector shields and screening provide additional operator comfort and protection from wood chips. The unique valve design controls the swing circuit speed to prevent the cutting wheel from stalling in the cut and diverse cutting heights gives better access for a variety of stumps of different sizes.

Ruben Lorente added: “The ability of the same Bobcat stump grinder to deal with different diameter stumps is a great advantage. At the A Zapateira golf course, the SG60 has worked on 100 year old tree stumps with diameters between 1.50 and 1.80 m, working with the same precision as it does on smaller stumps. The design of Bobcat stump grinders allows them to work safely as shredded debris does not shoot out, creating a mulch on top of the soil. Rubber deflection protectors and a mesh provide extra comfort and protection to the operator against wood chips.”

A Hidden Gem from Bobcat that Provides Impressive Results

“It is maybe a hidden gem in the comprehensive arsenal of Bobcat products, but the results are astonishing. While we were doing this work, a member of the golf club saw it in action and hired us to de-stump a complete residential development in the area. When clients see it working, they quickly appreciate the obvious advantages of this great attachment,” said Ruben Lorente.

Those responsible for the maintenance of the golf course are delighted and have now discovered a practical solution to a recurring problem, which is why they will count on Talleres Turquino and Bobcat for all their stump removal operations in the future.


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