Bobcat’s TL43.80HF Telescopic Loader − Farmer’s Choice

Posted: 2 October 2018

Bobcat has recently launched the company’s top-of-the-range TL43.80HF Telescopic Loader – providing the best solution to the heavy-duty, high-productivity segment of the agricultural market.

This machine − the most powerful model in the Bobcat Agri range − will help dealers sell in new market segments, such as large farms.

Thanks to a maximum lift capacity of 4.3 tonne and a maximum lift height of almost 8 meters, combined with the fastest boom movement available in this market, farmers are now able to lift more, faster − and to use higher capacity buckets for the highest loading productivity available.

Fantastic farmer feedback

But don’t just take our word for it.

We had Thierry Carpentier − a crop and Charolais cattle farmer in Normandy, France − test the new TL43.80HF Agri for a week. Hydraulic flow rate, visibility, tilt angle and breakout force, comfort, electronic and automatic features − Thierry, who currently owns a machine in this range, tested everything. Here’s what he discovered...

“The flow rate is impressive! It’s ideal for farmers looking for productivity first of all. You need a little time to get to grips with it and take control. When you master it, you understand that the flow rate is not a luxury − it increases the machine’s productivity 10-fold.”

“The return of Z-bar kinematics to the boom is another big deal. The aim is simple: to increase breakout force and tilt angle to make it easier to handle a large-capacity grain bucket. With the 3500-liter bucket, I can feel every bit of the machine’s power and breakout force.”

“The working potential of the new TL43.80HF goes beyond any other telescopic loader we have tried at our farm. We are very impressed with the Z-bar kinematics, headstock tilt angle and its digging power. And the automatic activation of the boom suspension over 5 km/h is also a valuable feature on our farm.”

Beyond farming

In addition to Agriculture, the TL43.80HF is a star performer in many other areas too. It’s an ideal solution for heavy lift handling applications found in general industry, manufacturing, building products, warehousing, quarrying, mining and many more. Try it out for yourself!




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