Mini Excavators: Redesigned Bobcat Engine

The Bobcat® engine in R2-Series compact excavators offers an efficient design that delivers the performance you need and also reduces and simplifies routine maintenance. An innovative new fuel system makes low fuel levels more forgiving for busy excavator operators. Cold-weather operation is improved and a variety of features make maintaining and servicing the excavator engine more convenient. Check out some of the benefits of this innovation below.

Operator using joystick controls in a Bobcat compact (mini) excavator

Smooth Operation

Work fast and smooth so you can accomplish your tasks quicker. Bobcat-exclusive control valve systems deliver consistent oil flow to all functions to deliver smooth operation without sacrificing cycle times.

Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator moving a concrete pipe into a trench

Mower Powerful

Deliver more usable power with high-efficiency, torque-limiting piston pumps that match force to demand and continuously respond to loads. The workgroup maintains exceptional arm and bucket forces in tough conditions.

Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator and bucket attachment digging a trench

Faster Cycle Times

True cycle times aren’t measured in a dealer parking lot. They’re measured on the job, under load: filling trucks, placing boulders or trenching. Matching cylinder size to pump capacities, Bobcat excavators achieve industry leading cycle times.

Compact (mini) excavator foot pedals

Multifunctioning Controls

When running an excavator, you rarely make one move at a time. Completing a task may include offsetting and moving the machine, plus running the attachment and work group. Bobcat compact (mini) excavators feature fingertip controls for the auxiliaries, boom swing, and angle blade so you can move the machine while you run the attachment and work group at the same time.