TL30.70 Agricultural Telehandler

TL30.70 Agricultural Telehandler

The Bobcat R-Series TL30.70 Telehandler offers dependable versatility for those long days on the farm. It features a premium workspace with a large and roomy cab and an all-in-one joystick with improved ergonomics.

TL30.70 Overview

TL30.70 components are well protected thanks to the shielded design. Its superior visibility, compact footprint and smart functions allow you to maximize productivity even in tight spaces. Available in three AGRI finishing levels. If you want to add a specific functionality, choose from a list of comprehensive options, and customize your telescopic loader to your heart’s content! The machine comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as a standard for extra peace of mind.

The TL30.70 is available in the following configurations: 100 hp Low Cab and 100 hp High Cab. Please contact your nearest dealer for more information.

TL30.70 Specifications


Key Specifications

Rated Capacity
3000 kg
Lifting height
6.7 m
Rated power (ISO 14396)
74 kW
Tilt breakout force
4600 daN
Unladen weight
5320 kg

Key Specifications

Rated Capacity
3000 kg
Lifting height
6.7 m
Rated power (ISO 14396)
74 kW
Tilt breakout force
4600 daN
Unladen weight
5320 kg


Overall length (to forks tip)
6240.00 mm
Overall length (to forks face)
5035.00 mm
Overall length (to headstock pin)
4670.00 mm
Overall length (to front tyres / Stabilizers (when equipped)
4185.00 mm
Overall length (to front tyres 24" / Stabilizers (when equipped)
4273.00 mm
Overall height High Cab (with rotating beacon)
2440.00 mm
Overall height High Cab and 24" tyres (with rotating beacon)
2524.00 mm
Overall height High Cab (with roof wiper)
2290.00 mm
Overall height High Cab and 24" tyres (with roof wiper)
2375.00 mm
Height back of the machine
1587.00 mm
Height back of the machine with 24" tyres
1671.00 mm
Ground clearance
264.00 mm
Ground clearance with 24" tyres
348.00 mm
Length - Front axle to forks face
1400.00 mm
2820.00 mm
Length - Rear axle to machine rear
818.00 mm
Operator cab outside width
930.00 mm
Track width
1666.00 mm
Width over standard tyres
2100.00 mm
External turning radius (at tyres)
3717.00 mm
External turning radius with 24" tyres (at tyres)
3875.00 mm
Internal turning radius (cab)
1329.00 mm
Internal turning radius with 24" tyres (cab)
1503.00 mm
External turning radius (with forks spaced 1040 mm ext.)
5035.00 mm
External turning radius with 24" tyres (with forks spaced 1040 mm ext.)
5135.00 mm
Carriage rotation angle
136.00 °


Rated capacity
3000.00 kg
Capacity (at max. height on tyres)
2000.00 kg
Capacity at max. reach
1050.00 kg
Lifting height
6675.00 mm
Tilt Breakout force
4600.00 daN
Drawbar pull (20" tyres)
4900.00 daN
Drawbar pull (24" tyres)
4100.00 daN
Max. gradeability (20" tyres)
24.00 °
Max. gradeability (24" tyres)
24.00 °
Max. reach
4020.00 mm

Cycle times

Boom raising
5.30 s
Boom lowering
4.00 s
Boom extension
6.30 s
Boom retraction
4.20 s
2.50 s
2.40 s


Unladen weight (20" tyres)
5320.00 kg
Unladen weight (24" tyres)
5440.00 kg


Make / Model
PERKINS / 1104D-44TA 
Rated power (ISO 14396)
74.00 kW
Rated speed
2200.00 RPM
Maximum torque at 1400 rpm
410.00 Nm
Number of cylinders
4.40 L

Hydraulic system

Pump type
Gear pump with LS valve 
Pump capacity
100.00 L/min
Relief valve pressure setting
250.00 bar
Control valve type
Open center with flow sharing & flow compensators technology 

Drive system

Hydrostatic with electronic regulation 
Main Drive
Hydrostatic motor 


Standard Tyres
405/70-20 16PR TM R4 
Max speed - turtle mode (24" / 20")
10 / 8,5 
Max speed - rabbit mode (24" / 20")
31 /26,5 
Max speed - turtle mode (24" / 20") - (Option high speed)
10 / 8,5 
Max speed - rabbit mode (24" / 20") - (Option high speed)
40 / 35 


Engine Braking
Parking and Emergency brake
Passive brake 
Service Brake
Oil immersed discs 


Steering Mode
2 wheel steering / 4 wheel steering / Crab-steering 

Fluid Capacities

Fuel tank
115.00 L
Hydraulic tank
47.00 L
Hydraulic system
88.00 L


Operator noise level (LpA) (EN 12053)
78.00 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (EN 13059)
1.70 ms2

TL30.70 Video Gallery

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TL30.70 Features

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