Bobcat Toolcat™ Utility Work Machine

It's several machines combined into one.

Toolcat™ Utility Work Machine

It's several machines combined into one. Lift impressive loads, get more payload than a half-ton pickup truck, tow with added maneuverability, operate front-mounted attachments, and even use rear-mounted implements (5610). Perform a range of chores and tasks that cannot be matched by any other compact equipment. It'll quickly become your most versatile worker.



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UW56 Toolcat Utility Work Machine UW56 Toolcat Utility Work Machine
UW56 Toolcat Utility Work Machine
Your work requires power and precision. The UW56 gives you the perfect balance of both.

Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
680 kg
61 hp
Turning Radius (AWS Mode)
3419 mm

Top Features & Benefits

Utility Work Machine Operator Clearing a Brick Path with Angle Broom

All-Wheel Steer

It’s no secret that better maneuverability makes getting more things done easier. That’s why the Toolcat™ utility work machine, with all-wheel steer, is the picture of productivity. Easily move around tight spaces with minimal ground disturbance. Coupled with its hydraulic power steering, you’ll have nearly effortless control.

Utility Work Machine Rearview Camera Detail

Rear View Camera

The optional rearview camera, available on the UW53 and UW56, enhances the operator’s rear visibility for a variety of activities and tasks.

Utility Work Machine at Night With LED Lights on

LED External Lighting

Take on anything the night dishes out with LED external lighting. The new Toolcat™ utility work machine features completely redesigned lighting for optimum visibility while using less power and lasting longer for increased performance in low-light working conditions.

Closeup Detail View of an Angle Broom Attachment on a Utility Work

45+ Attachments

Mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon and dig postholes in the evening. You can leverage your Toolcat™ utility work machine countless ways by pairing it with 45+ attachments. Buy the attachments you’ll use frequently or rent the ones you need for one-time jobs.

Utility Work Machine on a Dirt Road

Speed Management

Get finer control of your machine’s travel speed when operating attachments with Independent Speed Management. The new Toolcat™ utility work machine allows you to adjust your travel speed independently from your engine speed for optimal attachment performance and precise acceleration during operation.

Bobcat Toolcat Utility Work Machines With Power Bob-Tach Attachment Mounting System

Power Bob-Tach Option

The standard Bob-Tach®  mounting system is the fastest method to connect hydraulic attachments because all you have to do is hook up the hoses after you have secured the attachment.

Utility Work Machine Operator Putting In Work From a Very Comfortable Cab

Comfortable Cab

It looks rugged on the outside but it’s cozy on the inside thanks to the redesigned dash and comfort features. The interior of the cab has been retooled with your comfort and productivity in mind including improved ergonomics, component placements and additional features.

Utility Work Machine Operator Using a Sweeper Attachment


The redesigned Toolcat utility work machine gives you precise command on every job thanks to all-around visibility. Embedded lighting into fenders allows operator better views when operating attachments. Optional rearview camera makes for useful views behind you.

360-Degree HVAC Vents Provide Directional Airflow Where the Utility Work Machine Operator Needs It

Climate Control/HVAC

Stay comfortable through long hot days or frigid cold nights on the job with the now standard HVAC system in the Toolcat utility work machine. The system forces air distribution where it’s needed most with the help of newly positioned 360-degree adjustable vents.