Bucket, Skeleton

Bucket, Skeleton

Bobcat® skeleton buckets are excellent for separating unwanted objects, such as rocks and other debris, from work areas while leaving finer material behind that can be cultivated or landscaped.

Features & Benefits

  • Great visibility through the skeleton design.
  • Interconnected tines for strength and durability.
  • Separates unwanted materials like rocks from finer material.

Compatible Models

Bucket, Skeleton Specifications

Construction and Demolition
Grading and Leveling
Road work, Recycling and Cleaning
Main features
Great visibility through the skeleton design
Interconnected tines for strenght and durability
Separates unwanted materials like rocks from finer material
Characteristics and performance
Item number
Number of Tines
Tine spacing (mm)
Bucket back angle (°)
Tine thickness (mm)
Skeleton Bucket 157 cm718594117.
Skeleton Bucket 174 cm718594319.
Skeleton Bucket 192 cm718594521.
Skeleton Bucket 209 cm718594723.
Weights and Dimensions
Item number
Shipping weight (kg)
Operating weight (kg)
Overall length (A) (mm)
Overall width (B) (mm)
Overall height (C) (mm)
Skeleton Bucket 157 cm7185941258.0258.01197.01572.0520.0
Skeleton Bucket 174 cm7185943281.0281.01197.01743.0520.0
Skeleton Bucket 192 cm7185945303.0303.01197.01915.0520.0
Skeleton Bucket 209 cm7185947325.0325.01197.02086.0520.0

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