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Undercarriage Parts

Bobcat genuine undercarriage parts are specifically designed for Bobcat machines according to our OEM specifications. Ensure perfect design compatibility between rubber tracks, idlers, rollers, and sprockets by using genuine Bobcat undercarriage parts.

Key Features

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Durable Components

Tough forged steel rollers and idlers provide a smooth ride without using weak plastics or rubber. This means the machine is less prone to downtime and will require less maintenance. Sprockets are manufactured with forged steel with a hardness rating of HT-5. This is the highest rating of all standards at Bobcat for hardness, tensile, impact, casting, and surface.

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Easy Track Carriage Clean-out

A horizontally mounted tension cylinder creates more room between the undercarriage and track for easier clean-out to easily shed material such as sand, dirt, mud, and debris throughout the day. Raised cutouts between the rollers also make cleaning easier.

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Comfortable Ride

Front idlers that ride on the rubber track’s roller way, along with wider rollers, help reduce vibration. As a result, the operator benefits from improved comfort and decreased track wear to help extend the track’s life. The optional Torsion Suspension system incorporates dual-flange front idlers and wider rollers for smooth action, combining the comfort of roller suspension and stability of a solid-mount undercarriage.

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Enhanced Detracking Protection

Consistent track tension associated with perfectly designed rear idlers helps minimize the chance of loosening and de-tracking in tough working conditions.

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Download the undercarriage reference guide.