The right tools for the job

Attachment Wear Parts

Whether you’re ripping through rock or sweeping up road debris, Bobcat offers high-quality parts for all your attachments. We offer a range of products to suit all your needs, such as heavy-duty road rehabilitation bits for wheel saw, planer, or rotary grinders as well as sweeper bristles with various types of forged chisels for breakers, bucket teeth, and cutting edges. We also offer a variety of specialized tools for other Bobcat attachments. 

Selecting the right tool for the intended use is key to attachment efficiency and performance. Contact your Bobcat dealer to find the best tool to suit your needs.

Bristles and Brushes Bristles and Brushes image

Bristles and Brushes

A wide range of ring brushes, gutter brushes, and whiskers broom bristles for Sweeper and Angle Broom attachments. Choose rings with polypropylene or steel wire bristles for efficient sweeping of dirt, dried mud, gravel, light snow, and other debris. 

Want to learn more about the range? Download the ring brushes, gutter brushes, and whiskers broom bristles reference guide.

Cutting Edges image

Cutting Edges

Cutting edges are designed to minimize the time required to replace and to increase bucket capacity. They reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear. Durable and long-wearing cutting edges are made of the same quality material as the blades used on production buckets and are available in various lengths.

Reversible, bolt-on cutting edges deliver extended life thanks to their double bevel design. For specific requirements, rubber or polyurethane edges are available to complement the range. 

Bucket Teeth image

Bucket Teeth

Quality and sharp bucket teeth are essential for good ground penetration and machine efficiency. Blunt, worn teeth greatly increase the effort needed during digging. This, in turn, increases fuel consumption and results in a higher level of shock being transmitted through the bucket to the digging arm.

Teeth are designed for quick and easy replacement. Standard teeth are great for general-purpose applications thanks to their strength and shape, ideal for good ground penetration. Other tooth profiles are available for specific conditions. 

Carbide Tip Bits Carbide Tip Bits image

Carbide Tip Bits

Grinding, milling, and cutting asphalt, concrete, or rock are tough jobs requiring the right tools. Bobcat offers different types of bits designed to match your attachment and milling conditions.

Tungsten carbide tips deliver exceptional wear resistance and air-hardened, steel body toughness for optimum penetration and service life. Their optimized shape ensures bit rotation for uniform wear. They also feature a washer for less stress and wear of the retainer and holder system.

Breaker Tools Breaker Tools image

Breaker Tools

Bobcat breaker tools use a special hardening process to deliver the optimal application. Our state-of-the-art forging technology ensures perfected working ends to deliver the best performance. Bobcat breaker tools have a long service life, are extremely tough, and have high fatigue strength.

Tools are available in multiple sizes depending on the breaker model and come in various shapes for every possible breaker application – general or specialist. From wide-end asphalt cutters, over nail point chisels to wide tamping pads, all possibilities are covered with Bobcat tools.

Want to learn more about the range? Download the breaker and chisel tool reference guide.

Auger Teeth

Bobcat auger attachments have a proven reputation for durability and performance. Our selection of versatile, long-lasting tools are matched to specific jobs and partner with Bobcat loaders and excavators.

When drilling holes, match your auger bit and teeth to soil conditions for the smooth and easy cutting of holes. Different styles are available to meet the demands of various soil conditions. Heavy-Duty Auger Bits are for drilling in hard ground, hardpan, shale, and asphalt. For breakable rock, hard soil with rocks, or frozen ground, choose our Rock Auger Bits.

Ask your dealer for more information.