One Year Later: Doosan Bobcat Helped to Restore 553 Local Businesses in Earthquake-affected Turkey

Posted on: 7 February 2024

Severe earthquakes that happened on 6 February 2023 in Turkey and Syria had a devastating consequence on more than 9 million people with over 240,000 buildings damaged or destroyed. 

At that time, Doosan Bobcat provided immediate help with its construction equipment and offered humanitarian aid to earthquake-affected areas by funding local nano- and micro-enterprises with a total value of 800,000 EUR through early recovery project.

The funding’s intention is to restore small businesses in order to provide services that are critical for the reconstruction process and the re-establishment of the local economy. As part of its commitment to support locally, the company has been partnering with People in Need, a humanitarian relief organization with global reach and a well-established presence in the affected areas. 

553 businesses supported in first year

“In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Southeast Turkey, Doosan Bobcat committed to assist nano- and micro-enterprises in restoring their businesses. In partnership with People in Need, we have successfully extended aid to 553 businesses, fostering the revival of vital connections and the fortification of local value chains. This ongoing initiative is poised to reach hundreds of businesses and positively impact the lives of thousands of people,” said Scott Park, Vice Chairman and CEO at Doosan Bobcat.

Empowering communities to recover and rebuild   

“Doosan Bobcat has demonstrated its commitment to empowering communities to recover and rebuild. In partnership with People in Need, Doosan Bobcat is providing essential financial support to small businesses that are the backbone of the local economy. This funding is helping local people and their businesses resume operations and provide essential services to their communities. Since the start of the program, our funding has helped over 500 businesses and more than 2000 individuals,” said Šimon Pánek, Director and Co-Founder of People in Need.

I still have the hope.

Volkan Alparslan

Lighting Shop Owner

Volkan used to have a three-story lighting showroom that was reduced to rubble. He refused to let the tragedy define his future. Venturing into the new marketplace, Volkan reopened his shop, ready to contribute to Adıyaman's recovery. People in Need recognized Volkan's resilience and offered a timely cash grant, allowing him to replenish his lighting supplies and jumpstart his business once again. As Volkan's clientele grew, so did his optimism: "Though I experienced a complete loss, my hope remains intact. I'm steadfast in my commitment to regain what I've lost,” said Volkan.

My employees keep me motivated.

Vedat Gündüz

Restaurant Owner

“My old restaurant was completely destroyed, and I couldn’t save anything from there. I managed to get a container and started  by placing tables and chairs around my container-based restaurant and now can accommodate 40 customers. Thanks to funding I was able to purchase the cooking materials and equipment, allowing me to start my work again. I now have one part-time and two full-time employees. Seeing them working and making money to support their families is what’s keeping me motivated to work and continue this journey.”

Solidarity is the key to recovery.

Emine Çelik

Toast Shop Owner

“Despite the sorrows and challenges, my outlook is positive. I'm a strong woman, and I will do whatever it takes to support my family and achieve our dreams. The grant was like a medicine for me—a lifeline—it allowed me to purchase the necessary equipment and tools for my shop, along with the materials needed for toasts. I was able to stand on my feet again.”

“All the stories that we hear from the beneficiaries of the early recovery project illustrate the resilience and determination, values that we hold dear. Our donation has already made a huge impact by restarting people’s businesses and creating job opportunities to help the local communities return to their everyday lives. It is through these partnerships that we can make a real difference,” said Gary Hornbacher, President for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region at Doosan Bobcat.

About People In Need

People in Need organization was established in 1992 and gradually became one of the biggest non-profit organizations in Central Europe striving to provide aid in war zones, areas affected by natural disasters, or places where people without support struggle to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Relief and Development Department of People in Need operates in 27 countries, each year we carry out projects worth millions of Euros that help hundreds of thousands of people in disadvantaged areas of the world.


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