Small Air Compressors

Bobcat's Small Air Compressors are engineered to strike the perfect balance between high performance, ruggedness, and reliability. Delivering a versatile range of 185–250 CFM (5.2–7.1 m³/min) of free air and accommodating a pressure range of 7 to 14 bar, these machines excel in various applications. Whether it's road maintenance or general manufacturing, these compressors meet your expectations in versatility and efficiency.

Small Air Compressors 185–250 CFM A studio image of the frontal view of the Bobcat PA250V Air Compressor

Small Air Compressors 185–250 CFM

Elevate workdays with our 185–250 CFM (5.2–7.1 m³/min) Small Air Compressors with dual pressure, intuitive controls, and easy maintenance.