Light compaction equipment

Bobcat Rammers – Pure Compaction Power

Durable and easy-to-use

These high-productivity, robust and cleverly designed machines make short work of any compaction needs on all terrains. Thanks to the robust and reliable engines our rammers deliver high compaction power, while the clever engineering design keeps their center of gravity low for optimal balance.


Rammers Applications

A small machine tackling big challenges. Bobcat rammers are exceptionally versatile machines thanks to their high productivity and small size. It's not the size after all. It's how many ways you can use it.

  • Compaction in confined areas
  • Earthwork
  • Light to medium patchwork
  • Pipeline and trench construction
  • Landscaping and gardening

Bobcat Light Compaction Equipment In Action


High Performance

The compaction power is fully passed to the surface thanks to rammers practical design. With the powerful punch at your command, you are set to conquer any challenge.

Great Stability

Well-balanced design of Bobcat rammers provides you with easy control and prevents tipping. Both boosting your efficiency and reducing needed effort.

Classic and Power

While our classic models provide enough power for most jobsites, R60 and R68 also come in a technically advanced Power version. Featuring multi-function gas lever, low emission petrol powered Honda GXR120 engine (meeting the strictest regulations worldwide) and a double air filtration system extending product lifetime.

Precission and Control

Practical design of the handle allows for a secure grip from all sides and provides a direct line of sight to the foot of the rammer. This allows operators to work with precision, even in tight fitting areas.

Ergonomic Solution

With the operator's comfort in mind, the handle is designed to isolate vibrations and reduce fatigue during long shifts. Furthermore, the handle is height adjustable, providing three height settings for optimized comfort.

Minimum Servicing, Maximum Uptime

Maintenance is quick and service points can be accessed without any tools. Self-cleaning filters further extend rammer's uptime. The clever horizontal placement of the airfilter extends machine lifetime.


A range of 7 families and 37 models includes state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use.