Light compaction equipment

Bobcat Walk-Behind Roller – Two in One

Truly multi-purpose

Adjustable weights allow quick switching from working on asphalt to loose substrate. Designed to excel in both applications, this fully hydraulic machine is the most versatile solution for your job site.

walk-behind rollers

Walk-Behind Rollers Applications

A small machine tackling big challenges. Bobcat’s Walk-Behind Roller is an exceptionally versatile machine thanks to its high productivity and adjustable performance. After all, it’s not the size – it’s how many ways you can use it.

  • Earthwork and asphalt applications
  • Sidewalk / cycle paths construction / repair
  • Sport grounds
  • Agricultural roads construction / maintenance
  • Forest road construction / maintenance

Bobcat Light Compaction Equipment In Action


Asphalt Ready

Water sprinkler and 60-liter tank come as standard – effectively preventing asphalt from caking on the drums.

Advanced Technology

Durable, fully hydraulic drive allows for precise speed adjustments and improves the machine’s uptime and performance.

Practical Solution

Built to meet the challenges of every job site: full side clearance allows you to work in close proximity to walls, corners and curbs. Additional handy features – like automatic parking brake or dead-man handle – are designed around the way you work.

Accessible to Everyone

Bobcat walk-behind rollers are equipped with dead-man’s handle as standard, and an additional mechanical safety button in the back that stops reverse movement when pushed. A hydraulic parking break and a limited reverse speed of 2.5 km/hour makes operating the machine easy and safe, even for less experienced operators.

Comfortable Grip

Carefully designed guide handle features several grip options and ergonomic height adjustments to suit the needs of every operator. Optimized for control and comfort, the whole handle is suspended, which further reduces vibration levels.

Easy Servicing

A day in the shop doesn’t earn you a cent. To make daily maintenance as simple as possible, we’ve eliminated the need to use any special tools. All service points are easily accessible and intuitively located.


A range of 7 families and 37 models includes state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use.