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Forestry & Landscape

Specialized attachments dealing with overgrowth trees, bushes, tough wild grass and other tasks during forestry, landscaping, roadside maintenance and similar applications. Bobcat offers replaceable rotating knives and hammers, quickly and smoothly cutting through processed material.

Flail Mower

Flail Mower

Flail Mower Cutting Tool Knives & Hammers

Bobcat Self-Levelling Flail Mower Attachments are powerful tools designed for cleaning uneven ground and difficult terrain from long grass and overgrown vegetation.

Two tools types options for different applications available:

  • Knives – great for cutting tall weeds and overgrowth vegetation.
  • Hammers – usually used for tougher vegetation and heavier application, requiring more punch like cutting saplings and denser overgrowth.
  • SL 60 is equipped with 32 knives as standard and is not compatible with hammers.
  • The SL can be equipped either with knives or hammers.

Flail Mower Cutting Tool Kits

When it is time for replacing worn out cutting tools, rely on Bobcat knives or hammers kits containing all you need for complete replacement.
Kits contain all cutting parts and mounting hardware for complete drum rebuild.

Forestry Cutter

Flail Cutter

Stump Grinder