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Tires & Tracks

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic Tires overview

When you depend on performance and reliability, count on Bobcat tires to deliver superior results in severe job conditions.

Bobcat tires come in a variety of load capacities and tread designs, depending on your application, for traction and grip to carry heavy loads; choose only Bobcat tires for your Bobcat machine to ensure the right size and ply rating, and to maintain proper weight distribution and correct bucket height-to-ground contact.

Solid Tires

Solid Tyres

Eliminate downtime and money spent due to flat tires and enjoy longer tire life with Bobcat Solid Tires. Designed to last at least three times longer than foam-filled pneumatic tires, Bobcat solid tires are made from an ultra-tough, enhanced rubber mining compound. With a tear strength that is more than double the strength of most pneumatic tires, you will experience better resistance to cutting and chunking from debris. Bobcat solid tires are bonded to steel rims and ready to mount on your machine.

Over-Tires Track

For customers who occasionally need the main advantages of a compact tracked loader but do not want to invest in a new machine, here is a quick, easy and economical solution. It allows you to convert a skid steer into a track loader in a few minutes, and vice-versa. Customers will enjoy low ground disturbance, more pushing force and better flotation when needed. Its features and benefits are:

Compact Excavator Rubber Tracks

Bobcat Excavator Tracks

Each replacement rubber track offered by Bobcat Parts is specially designed to meet the operational and performance requirements of Bobcat compact excavators.

Compact Track Loader Rubber Tracks

Bobcat Loader Tracks

Maximise your compact track loader performance with Bobcat® rubber tracks.

Bobcat rubber tracks are made using a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers to maximise wear. The internal continuous cables and imbeds are made of steel for ultimate performance and lifespan, even in demanding conditions.