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When you depend on performance and reliability, count on Bobcat rubber tracks to deliver superior results in all job conditions. All Compact Track Loaders Bobcat tracks have been created to enhance productivity and provide the lowest operating cost for any type of application.

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Rubber Tracks for Compact Track Loaders

Bobcat Rubber Tracks for Loaders

Maximize your Bobcat Compact Track Loader performance with highly durable and Genuine Bobcat rubber tracks, designed to meet the most demanding expectations, provide a smooth ride and highest durability.

Don’t sacrifice ride comfort for added traction or longevity. Bobcat tracks have been tested and proven to not only withstand the most challenging environments, but to also deliver a softer ride by distributing the machine’s weight over a larger surface area. Our tracks offer the traction needed to bring out the loader’s full capabilities.

To maximally ease track selection, we simplified Bobcat range and offer two main options to choose from to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Premium
  • Standard

Bobcat Premium Rubber Tracks for Compact Track Loaders

Superior quality rubber tracks also used in serial production, specially developed and designed for the operational and performance requirements of Bobcat compact equipment.

Using a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers to minimize wear and internal continuous cables and heat-treated, hammer-forged steel imbeds for strength and durability for the most demanding conditions.

  • Optimum comfort with less vibration and noise
  • Market leading longevity and durability
  • High-tensile steel wires resistant to cutting and stretching
  • Advanced compounds to provide highest impact absorption
  • Enhanced carcass edge protection prolongs track life

Bobcat Standard Rubber Tracks for Compact Track Loaders
Ideal solution for older machines, lower operating hours or less demanding applications. These tracks are taking the best from Premium tracks and provide an alternative in more economical package. While compromising slightly on tracks life, the main characteristics remain unchanged.

Compact Track Loaders' Tracks Patterns
Bobcat Tracks offer multiple tread patterns to accommodate various applications and optimize your Compact Track Loader’s performance for any type of application. Follow our recommendations to choose the best track for you based on your application and hours of use and application.

The right set of tracks will ensure lowest operational cost and highest productivity, while ensuring more comfort and longer tread wear. Wide tracks are a good choice when lower ground pressure and flotation is desired. For increased ground pressure, added traction and more pushing force, choose a narrow track.

Premium C-Pattern

The best durability and performance in an all-season use the market has to offer. One of the most versatile, no compromise, tracks on used also in serial production. Provides superior traction in most applications.

Recommended uses:

  • Great for all high hours’ construction work and heavy-duty applications.
  • Excellent in dirt, mud, rock, and demolition
  • Not recommended for snow

Standard C-Pattern

The track offers durability and traction all-season use in more economy package. It is the same pattern as used in production and one of the most versatile on the market, performing well in all different types of applications.

Recommended uses:

  • Great for all general construction work
  • Excellent in dirt and mud
  • Not recommended for snow or extremely rocky conditions.

Multi-Bar Lug Pattern

Durable all-season track that providing superior traction in wet conditions and extended wear life on hard flat surfaces.

Recommended uses:

  • Great for all general construction work
  • Excellent in sand and dirt or snow
  • Not recommended for extremely rocky Conditions

V-Shaped Pattern

Deep V-shaped tread pattern inspired by agricultural tracks provides outstanding traction in muddy and soft dirt applications while providing a stable, comfortable ride and excellent clean out.