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Eliminate downtime and money spent due to flat tires and enjoy longer tire life with Bobcat Solid Tires. Designed to last at least three times longer than pneumatic tires, Bobcat solid tires are made from an ultra-tough, enhanced rubber. With a tear strength that is more than double the strength of most pneumatic tires and absolute puncture resistance, you will experience better resistance to cutting and chunking. Bobcat solid tires are bonded to steel rims and ready to mount on your machine.

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Solid Tires for Skid Steer Loaders

Bobcat Solid Flex Tires

Ideal for demolition, construction, rocky terrain

Solid tires enable any machine to work safely even with the most demanding attachments installed - they prevent downtime from cuts, tears and punctures even in the most severe operating conditions. Exceptionally long life - last 3 to 5 times longer than pneumatic tires, strength, stability, flat resistance makes them particularly recommended for demolition, rocky terrain, construction, scrap and recycling yards, mining and quarrying.

At the same time, the cushion holes in the sidewall of Solid Flex tires lower vibrations and absorb shocks for a smooth and stable ride. The result: zero flats and downtime ensure the lowest operating costs with uncompromised operator comfort.

  • Delivered mounted on rims for fastest and easiest replacement. Tires without rims are also available
  • Pattern for maximum off-road traction and excellent clean-out
  • Cushioning holes in the sidewall for shock absorption, smooth and stable ride for the operator‘s comfort
  • Zero flats and downtime for higher uptime

Work in tight spaces with narrower S70 Solid Flex Tires

For customers working in tight spaces, who need their S70 to be narrower than standard wheels allow, we introduced a narrower S70 Solid Flex wheels, with 79-21 offset rims (available in either orange or grey).
With the new Solid Flex wheels with offset rims, the total machine width is under 915 mm (36 inches).