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Save 10% on Bobcat Tires, Tools and Maintenance Aids

Buy all Bobcat tires for Loaders, Telehandlers and Backhoe Loaders for great prices and stock before upcoming season. Workshop tools, special tool and lubricants accessories are essential equipment in every workshop and paints will come handy for giving a refresh to scuffed and scarred machines after a long service.






Products in Promotion:

Bobcat Tires

Tires can have significant effect on machines operating costs and are crucial for the best performance, safety and comfort in given application or terrain.

Do you know when to recommend Bobcat Severe Duty tire over Heavy Duty to your customer? What are the main advantages of Bobcat Solid Flex tires and why they can be your best investment if used in appropriate condition?

Go through following guide to have better understanding of Bobcat tires range take advantage of additional 10% discount on all Bobcat tires in September and October. Next time your customer will come for the tire advise; you will have the best solution for his needs.

Pneumatic Tires for Skid Steer Loaders

As Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders are enormously variable machines, used for many different tasks in changing conditions and environments, no single tire can serve all purposes. Choosing the best tire is important for machine traction, flotation, wear and overall performance.

Solid Flex Tires for Skid Steer Loaders

Solid tires prevent downtime from cuts, tears and punctures even in the most severe operating conditions. They are particularly recommended for demolition, rocky terrain, construction, scrap and recycling yards, mining and quarrying.

The cushion holes in the sidewall of Solid Flex tires lower vibrations and absorb shocks for a smooth and stable ride.

  • Delivered mounted on rims for fastest and easiest replacement.
  • Three patters available covering the same range of applications as Bobcat pneumatic tires
  • Zero flats and downtime due to punctures.

Tires for Telehandlers

Telescopic Handlers and Loaders performing heavy-duty and high‑productivity jobs rely on stability, balance, and traction offered by our engineering approved tires. Exceptional damage resistance and excellent traction even in wet and difficult conditions are crucial to the proper operation of your Bobcat telescopic machine.

Tires for Backhoe Loaders

Bobcat Backhoe Loaders are versatile machines and can easily be configured for a variety of applications – and correct tire choice will help unleash their full potential!

Our tires are designed and selected to maximize the productivity and performance of your bobcat backhoe loader.

Two main BHL tires categories are available:

  1. patterns for mostly soft terrain, off-road applications
  2. versatile patterns for Mixed to hard surfaces.


Oil accessories and Grease guns

Oil pumps and transfer kits, grease guns, lubricants transportation and storage solutions and funnels are some of the products included in this promotion. For more information, see corresponding section of our Big Reg Book, starting on page 80.

Special and hand work tools, lug wrench

Bobcat Work Tools are suitable for not only tough construction applications, but the weekend gardener or do-it-yourself worker as well.

Maintenance Aids

Paint cans, aerosol spray and touch-up bottles

Bobcat paints are available in 0.94 L cans and 400 ml aerosol spray cans and 12ml touch-up bottles convenient in situations when just a little dab of paint is needed to take care of scratches on Bobcat equipment.

Loctite Thread locker and adhesives

Gasket liquid sealant, adhesive or glue is are necessary items in every workshop performing windows replacement on Bobcat machines. Loctite red thread locker is a high strength solution for jobs requiring parts permanent hold. It is resistant to high temperatures and vibrations.

Workshop aids

In this category we offer miscellaneous products such as battery acid, multipurpose sprays, break cleaner, hand cleaner etc.