New High Torque Forestry Cutter Attachments from Bobcat

Posted: 21 februari 2017

Waterloo, Belgium. Bobcat has launched the new FRC150HT and FRC200HT high torque forestry cutter attachments for use with the company’s market-leading compact tracked, skid-steer and all-wheel steer loaders. The new forestry cutters are compatible with the Bobcat T770H and T870H compact tracked loaders, S770H and S850H skid-steer loaders and the A770H all-wheel steer loader.

Designed for continuous use in shredding and mulching bushes, shrubs and small trees, the forestry cutters are ideal for fast removal of thick undergrowth. Providing cutting widths of 1.5 and 2.0 m, respectively, the FRC150HT and FRC200HT forestry cutters are designed for continuous work on bushes and trees 100 to 120 mm in diameter, intermittent use for trees with a diameter from 180 to 220 mm and occasional use on trees 250 to 300 mm in diameter.

Applications are very varied and range from those in agriculture including vineyards, orchards, nurseries and tree care; forestry including cutting fire breaks in woods and forests, clearing work and removing unwanted undergrowth trees; wildlife, national park and country estate management; perimeter maintenance of facilities such as schools and military bases; to site development in construction; land clearing for landscaping and recreation projects; maintenance work on vegetation next to pathways and other right-of-ways, utilities, railway lines and roads as well as clean-up work after storms and floods.

The FRC150HT and FRC200HT replace the previous models in the range and, based on customer feedback, they have been enhanced with a new variable torque motor providing 40% more power and several other updates to improve performance. The latter include a new drum design, new routing for the hoses, a reduction in weight, improved visibility and much more, increasing efficiency and improving manoeuvrability.

The forestry cutters are part of the comprehensive Bobcat range of attachments for forestry, estate management, amenity and landscaping work, which includes stump grinders, wood chippers, brushcutters, flail cutters, augers and tree transplanters.

Powered by the new M-BOOST high performance motor with variable torque, the 1.5 m drum on the FRC150HT forestry cutter is equipped with 30 fixed carbide teeth, whilst the drum on the FRC200HT has 36 cutting teeth. Other new features include five rows of counter cutters; a new adjustable push bar configuration; a new reinforced chain protection system at the back; a new HD belt cover; a new Forestry Applications Kit rear window; new adjustable skid shoes; an automatic drum brake system; an ACD Control system and a patented fixed knife rotor with tungsten carbide tips.

To ensure safe operation of the forestry cutters on loaders, the Forestry Applications Kit protects the loader and operator from flying objects and debris. The Kit includes an impact resistant front door, which must be installed in order to operate the forestry cutter. A safety feature stops the cutter drum from turning if the loader door is opened.

For work in confined spaces in woodland and forests, front and rear light guards are added to the loader to protect the lights. A guard protects the hydraulic quick couplers, hoses and wire harness from falling trees and branches. A level II FOPS (ISO 3449) protects the operator and the cab from falling trees and objects, while top and rear polycarbonate windows provide additional protection for the operator.

Shields protect the lift cylinders against debris and help to reduce material build-up in the engine compartment. Although daily maintenance is essential in this type of work, a debris screen on the radiator ensures continuous operation and makes cleaning up easier.

All functions of the forestry cutters can be fingertip controlled from the operator seat without requiring the operator to remove their hand from the loader steering levers. The forestry cutters have a hydraulically-adjustable front gate that can be opened while cutting debris and then closed to retain material and provide a fine mulching action.



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