Flail Mower, Heavy Duty

Flail Mower, Heavy Duty

Attack your most difficult brush and sapling clearing projects with the Bobcat® Flail Mower. Easily shred vegetation on virtually any terrain, including hillsides, roadways, ditches, trails, riverbanks and utility right-of-ways, and other hard-to-reach places with the long reach of the excavator. Using powerful triple knife flails, you can mulch small branches, saplings, thick grass and other vegetation up to 10 cm in diameter.

Features & Benefits

  • Can use the Flail Mower while driving the machine.
  • Stops from full speed in 7 seconds or less when the flail mower hydraulics are deactivated.
  • Safety chains to deflect debris.
  • Case drain.
  • Triple-knife design to efficiently rip through hard and soft woods, vines, grass and brush.
  • Reversible spiral mounted blades.
  • Direct Drive (no belts, chains or gearboxes) to provide optimum balance between torque and RPM.

Compatible Models

Flail Mower, Heavy Duty Specifications

Highway maintenance
Municipal jobs
Main features
Bobcat flail mowers comply with SAE J1001 standards for flail mowers
Efficiently rip through hard and soft woods, vines, grass and brush
Heavy duty flanges on both sides of the rotor to protect the drive train from dust and debris. This also prevents wire from damaging the drive train mechanism
Helps contain debris within the housing that could be thrown during operation
Make the attachment capable to be used on Pin-on, Klac or Lenhnoff couplers for fast release and easier attachment changes
Provide bidirectional flail blade rotation by switching the hydraulic hoses at the drive motor, increasing overall flail life
Provides optimum balance between torque and RPM
Rubber torsion disc absorbs stress forces encountered during operation
Stops from full speed in 7 seconds or less when the flail mower hydraulics are deactivated
Characteristics and Performance
Item number
Cutting width (mm)
Max debris diameter (mm)
Hydraulic flow range (L/min)
Number of blades
Control kit required
Working Flow
First use installation time
FM307225484762.0100.046.2 - 73.827.0NoStandardNone
FM4072254851016.0100.053.0 - 84.836.0NoStandardNone
Weights and dimensions
Item number
Operating weight (kg)
Shipping weight (kg)
Overall length (A) (mm)
Overall width (B) (mm)
Overall height (C) (mm)

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