Bobcat Machines at Archaeological Excavations

Posted: 8 December 2022

Rome is a unique city in the world: it has buried under it an immense archaeological museum, the result of over 2800 years of history. Most of the old city still lies hidden under the current one, but it is increasingly visible thanks to excavations that continue to unearth new underground monuments.

Among the many archaeological sites in Rome, the most impressive is that of the Mausoleum of Augustus, the tomb that the Roman Emperor built for himself and his family. Located in the historic center of Rome, the Mausoleum is one of the most important monuments of the city, as well as the most impressive circular tomb in the world.

Largest Archaeological Excavation in Europe

On this archaeological site, five Bobcat machines have been working without interruption for two years, including a T590 compact track loader and E17, E35, E45 and E85 mini-excavators, used with great safety and certainty of results.

This project will make it possible to bring the city closer to its history with a new area of ​​7000 square meters, 1600 of which is at the same level as the archaeological works, including 350 square meters of original flooring from the first century AD.

Archaeological excavations involve slow and very meticulous work - mini-excavators must work effectively without risking compromising treasures of ancient Rome. Before proceeding with the excavation work, surveys are carried out by the superintendent archaeologists. Once a certain depth has been reached, it is necessary to proceed in an extremely precise, skilful and scrupulous way.

Without any aid, the Bobcat excavators have dealt with the excavation of 16,000 cubic meters of soil, layer by layer, to a depth of 7 m from road level, proceeding at all times with the utmost care.

Appreciated efficiency and reliability of the Bobcat machines

The work was carried out by VM Ecologica, a company based in Rome, that deals with earthmoving, demolition and collecting construction waste, but specializes above all in archaeological excavations.

Marco Vita, owner of VM Ecologica says: "Once again, Bobcat equipment has lived up to our expectations, especially in terms of efficiency and reliability. They are undoubtedly excellent machines. I have always bought Bobcat, and I have no intention of relying on other machines in the future."

Angelo Petti, VM Ecologica manager for site logistics management, comments: "Bobcat equipment has always been at our side on all our job sites, demonstrating great digging power, excellent stability and precise, smooth control of work functions. In addition, spare parts are always readily available and their replacement is carefully and quickly carried out."


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