Selectable Joystick Control

Posted: 8 June 2023

Selectable Joystick Control is a modern way to operate your machine and customize it according to your needs and preferences whether you are a seasoned professional who needs precision or a beginner who needs a little help. It features two fully electronic joysticks programmed to offer you various presets for different applications and attachments that adapt your style of work. With a simple press of a button you can scale the responsiveness of your machine according to your skill or the task at hand. Built with the operator in mind, an SJC-equipped machine can be connected to Remote Control or MaxControl for remote and hassle-free operation from outside the cab.

Fully Customizable Controls

Bobcat's Selectable Joystick Controls were developed to cater to the needs of operators from different countries who are used to different control layouts. Since hydraulic controls that were used for decades are not reprogrammable, we chose to build electronic joysticks for maximum versatility and compatibility.

Instead of two hydraulics levers and two pedals connected directly to the machine via a hydraulics system, the SJC features two joysticks mounted onto the operator's seat in an ergonomic position and connected by electrical circuit to the machine. Electronic pedals can also be added to the cab and programmed for extra features.

Mounting joysticks to the seat provides more stability and operator comfort while reducing fatigue, as only wrist instead of arm movements are needed. The joystick position can be adjusted easily to fit every operator with emphasis on comfort and ease of use.

Make it Your Own

Connecting joysticks to the machine electronically allows for different programs and presets while maintaining the best job results. You can adjust the lift and tilt control sensitivity to control how much joystick movement is needed to lift up, lift down, tilt back, and tilt out the attachment. The joysticks have two degrees of movement and the signal coming from them can be programmed so that the machine reacts the way you're used to. The sensitivity of joysticks is pre-programmed in 3 different levels ranging from hard to soft and can be selected easily on the in-cab display. You can change each setting according to your preference.

In a typical control scheme, an operator's left hand controls the machine's movements while the right hand controls the lift arms and the attachment. This is called the ISO pattern. Its counterpart is called the H-pattern and it works with both hands controlling the machine's movements and also the lift arms with the attachment. You can select either control scheme easily with just one flick of a button inside the cab.

Power when you need it

Another benefit of using electronic joysticks is that the machine can modify the signal to utilize different features such as Speed management and Horsepower management. These features optimize the amount of power delivered to different parts of the machine resulting in less stalling and lower power consumption – all thanks to a meticulously programmed system.

Thanks to Horsepower management the operator is able to control the power output to the machine's tracks or wheels which results in less stalling and lower power consumption. Horsepower management automatically adjusts a loader’s drive system for maximum pushing and digging power. It also utilizes Steering Drift Compensation to maintain a desired travel path on uneven terrain. It accounts for normal variations such as tire pressure, track tension and tire or track wear. It's super handy when using side shift attachments like wheel saws and trenchers. With Horsepower management provided by SJC you can get more work done with less stalling and stress.

The horsepower management allows the operator to control a machine's power output in order to decrease power consumption and mitigate the risk of stalling. The system automatically adjusts a loader's drive system for maximum pushing and digging forces, while also allowing steering drift compensation when working with one-sided attachments for maximum precision and ease of mind.

Speed management is another useful function made possible thanks to all-electric joysticks. It controls the maximum speed of the machine while maintaining maximum driveline torque and full hydraulic power - even at lower speeds. It's easy to dial in exactly to your preference with the press of a button on the display.

Get the Most out of Your Machine

Bobcat's SJC is perfect not only for controlling the machine itself, but it is irreplaceable when working with complex attachments. The joysticks have multiple conveniently placed buttons so you only have to move a finger to utilize up to 5 different functions of your attachment and get the best out of your tools.

Any Bobcat machine equipped with Selectable Joystick Control can be connected to Remote Control or MaxControl interface and be operated remotely. This solution is ideal for applications where you need a different angle of view on the job site or when you need to boost your effectivity. You can operate the machine the same way via Remote Control controller or MaxControl app as you would with Selectable Joystick Control in your cab.

Selectable Joystick Control is a truly special piece of equipment that can amaze you everyday with its comfort, versatility and ability to adapt to your needs. Whether you need to control your machine's digging power and speed more effectively or you need to utilize all functions of your new attachment just the way you like it, this set of all-electric joysticks does not leave you wanting!

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