Bucket, Digging, Heavy Duty

Bucket, Digging, Heavy Duty

Tackle the toughest digging and material handling jobs with our robust digging buckets. They offer excellent breakout force for digging and easier bucket filling.

Features & Benefits

  • Bolt-on teeth: Easily replace worn out teeth and utilise different styles of teeth (except E85: weld-on teeth)
  • Optimised shape for maximum efficiency.
  • Reinforced weld-on side cutter: Adds strength, durability and wear to the bucket sides; most beneficial in abrasive or rocky soils.
  • Vertical wear bars/straps: Improve strength and durability while providing extra wear protection.

Compatible Models

Bucket, Digging, Heavy Duty Specifications

Construction and Demolition
Lifting and Handling
Road work, Recycling and Cleaning
Main features
Hydraulically actuated
Pick up and move broken concrete, tree stumps and other odd-shaped objects.
Retractable when not in use - No downtime.
Characteristics and performance
Item number
Standard no. of Teeth
Tine thickness (mm)
Tine radius (mm)
Jaw opening at max. open height (mm)
Hydraulic Clamp E19/E20 for Long Arm Machine72484892---
Hydraulic Clamp E25/E26 Standard Clamp72088802---
Hydraulic Clamp E32/E35 Standard Clamp71802112---
Hydraulic Clamp E32/E35 Long Clamp71802152---
Hydraulic Clamp E45/E50 Standard Clamp71826612---
Hydraulic Clamp E45/E50/E55 Long Clamp71826632---
Hydraulic Clamp E57W/E6271879192---
Hydraulic Clamp E85 Standard Clamp71742322---
Hydraulic Clamp E85 Long Clamp71742442---
Weights and Dimensions
Item number
Operating weight (kg)
Shipping weight (kg)
Overall Length (A) (mm)
Overall Width (B) (mm)
Overall Height (C) (mm)
Hydraulic Clamp E19/E20 for Long Arm Machine724848927.027.0550.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E25/E26 Standard Clamp720888054.0-729.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E32/E35 Standard Clamp718021156.0-729.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E32/E35 Long Clamp718021565.065.0827.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E45/E50 Standard Clamp718266170.070.0780.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E45/E50/E55 Long Clamp718266370.070.0817.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E57W/E627187919101.0101.0861.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E85 Standard Clamp7174232120.0120.01004.0--
Hydraulic Clamp E85 Long Clamp7174244136.0136.01174.0--

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