Bobcat Loaders

For over 60 years, Bobcat has built the world’s most popular loaders. It’s a title we take seriously. That’s why we engineer each model to the standards you expect: performance, reliability and comfort. For you, that means building the most trusted brand of loaders to take-on your toughest work.

Skid-Steer Loaders
S590 Skid-Steer Loader

Skid-Steer Loaders

Here at Bobcat®, we make the world's n° 1 skid-steer loader! The Bobcat Company invented the compact skid-steer loader back in 1958. Ever since, Bobcat has celebrated a history of value, performance and reliability. As your versatile partner with more than a dozen models and a range of genuine Bobcat® attachments to suit all your applications, we can help you complete even the toughest jobs.

Compact Track Loaders
T590 Compact Track Loader

Compact Track Loaders

Bobcat® Compact Track Loaders bring you all of Bobcat's expertise in compact equipment, combined with a range of innovative features to help you  “outperform the environment” in any weather conditions.

Backhoe Loaders
Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders

Bobcat® Backhoe Loaders are versatile machines and can easily be configured for different applications by coupling with Bobcat optional attachments. Whatever your job - digging, trenching, breaking or material handling (to name but a few) - Bobcat Backhoe Loaders have the power to get it done efficiently. Under the hood, they have the best-in-class 100 hp engine to take on tough jobs with powerful performance and high fuel economy.

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Popular Attachments

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  • Angle Broom Angle Broom

    Angle Broom

    Dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris are quickly and efficiently swept away with this hydraulically driven attachment.
  • Auger Auger


    Speed and perfect vertical accuracy are what you get with this high-torque, heavy-duty hydraulic auger.
  • Backhoe Backhoe


    Transform your Bobcat. loader into a powerful, efficient, and versatile excavator with a Bobcat backhoe.
  • Bale Fork Bale Fork

    Bale Fork

    The pair of small diameter forks offer benefits over a single fork.
  • Boring Unit Boring Unit

    Boring Unit

    Save the time and expense of tearing up sidewalks, driveways and other paved areas to install irrigation lines or power and communication cables.
  • Box Blade Box Blade

    Box Blade

    The laser box blade is designed for precise grading and has a grade accuracy of 6 mm.
  • Box Blade, HD Box Blade, HD

    Box Blade, HD

    Save time and money while producing a more accurate finish grade with the Bobcat HD box blade.
  • Breaker Breaker


    Bobcat breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use.
  • Brush Saw Brush Saw

    Brush Saw

    The Bobcat. brush saw attachment is a quick, convenient way to remove unwanted brush.
  • Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter

    Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter

    Handle tough brush clearing and landscaping applications easily with the Brushcat™ rotary cutter.
  • Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial

    Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial

    The strongest of all Bobcat buckets. Ideal for everything from tough digging to material handling.
  • Bucket (GP), General Purpose Bucket (GP), General Purpose

    Bucket (GP), General Purpose

    General purpose buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style. They offer excellent cutting edge visibility and good breakout force.
  • Bucket (LP), Low Profile Bucket (LP), Low Profile

    Bucket (LP), Low Profile

    These buckets have a longer bottom than the construction/industrial style. They offer excellent cutting edge visibility and good bucket breakout force
  • Bucket, Combination Bucket, Combination

    Bucket, Combination

    Dozing, grappling, levelling, digging, loading and dumping. This multi-purpose bucket does it all.
  • Bucket, Dirt Bucket, Dirt

    Bucket, Dirt

    Ideal for everything from digging to material handling.
  • Bucket, Fertiliser And Grain Bucket, Fertiliser And Grain

    Bucket, Fertiliser And Grain

    Fertiliser buckets have large capacities and more roll-back range.
  • Bucket, Skeleton Bucket, Skeleton

    Bucket, Skeleton

    Excellent for separating unwanted objects, such as rocks and other debris, from work areas while leaving finer material behind.
  • Bucket, Snow And Light Material Bucket, Snow And Light Material

    Bucket, Snow And Light Material

    Snow is relatively light compared to soil or gravel, and we have increased the bucket size to make such type of work a breeze.
  • Concrete Mixer Concrete Mixer

    Concrete Mixer

    Turn your Bobcat® loader into an efficient concrete mixer with this rugged, cost-effective attachment.
  • Concrete Pump Concrete Pump

    Concrete Pump

    This powerful attachment puts concrete right where you want it and is built to last.
  • Digger Digger


    The digger is ideal for nurseries and landscaping applications.
  • Dozer Blade Dozer Blade

    Dozer Blade

    Turn your loader into a mini crawler with the dozer blade.
  • Drop Hammer Drop Hammer

    Drop Hammer

    The drop hammer is intended for demolition of large surface areas such as concrete roads and driveways.
  • Dumping Hopper Dumping Hopper

    Dumping Hopper

    Park it, load it and dump it. This attachment mounts as easily as a bucket on your loader, and can go wherever your loader goes.
  • Flail Cutter Flail Cutter

    Flail Cutter

    The flail cutter is ideal for cutting overgrowth on construction sites as well as alongside roads and sidewalks.
  • Forestry Cutter Forestry Cutter

    Forestry Cutter

    Take trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch in minutes with the Bobcat® forestry cutter.
  • Grade Lasers Grade Lasers

    Grade Lasers

    Bobcat's Grade Laser is a highly precise and dependable system for leveling, grading or jobs that require vertical alignment.
  • Grader Grader


    Turn your Bobcat® loader into a high-performance grading machine.
  • Grapple, Farm – Utility On Bucket Grapple, Farm – Utility On Bucket

    Grapple, Farm – Utility On Bucket

    Built for reliability, the industrial bucket and fork with grapple easily handles scrap, waste and other hard-to-manage materials.
  • Grapple, Farm – Utility On Fork Grapple, Farm – Utility On Fork

    Grapple, Farm – Utility On Fork

    This is the easy way to handle loose hay, bedding and manure on the farm and other sites.
  • Grapple, Industrial Grapple, Industrial

    Grapple, Industrial

    Built tough for reliability and endurance to easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard-to-manage materials.
  • Grapple, Root Grapple, Root

    Grapple, Root

    Built tough for reliability and endurance, the root grapple easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard-to-manage materials.
  • Landplane Landplane


    A landscaping must. It grades and levels in both forward and reverse and peels and removes sod.
  • Landscape Rake Landscape Rake

    Landscape Rake

    The perfect landscape finishing tool. It rakes and collects surface debris as it smoothes and levels the soil.
  • Laser Equipment Laser Equipment

    Laser Equipment

    The laser equipment offers the most innovative features to help you get to grade faster with increased accuracy.
  • Mixing Bucket Mixing Bucket

    Mixing Bucket

    This rugged, cost-effective attachment lets you mix, transport and pour concrete much more quickly than a stand alone mixer.
  • Mower Mower


    Ideal for rough-cut applications, including road ditch right-of-way, golf course roughs and large acreage mowing.
  • Pallet Forks Pallet Forks

    Pallet Forks

    Perfect for handling pallets, even in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas like narrow aisles.
  • Pallet Forks, Hydraulic Pallet Forks, Hydraulic

    Pallet Forks, Hydraulic

    A powerful hydraulic pallet fork for lifting and maneouvering even heavy loads with ease.
  • Planer Planer


    Equipped with direct-drive, high-torque hydraulic motor. These low maintenance attachments efficiently mill asphalt or concrete.
  • Planer, Self-Levelling Planer, Self-Levelling

    Planer, Self-Levelling

    Powered by a direct-drive, high-torque hydraulic motor, this self-levelling attachment efficiently mills asphalt or concrete.
  • Pressure Washer 20220325-pressure-washer

    Pressure Washer

    Excels at cleaning or sanitizing streets, removing graffiti and even at railroad, bridge or tunnel maintenance.
  • Rear Stabilizers Rear Stabilizers

    Rear Stabilizers

    Increase your auger, backhoe or tree spade performance in a wide range of jobs with a set of frame-mounted rear stabilizers.
  • Remote Control Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Control your Bobcat loader without the need to be in the cab.
  • Rotary Grinder Rotary Grinder

    Rotary Grinder

    The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment that consists of a double drum, driven by a completely integrated high-torque hydraulic motor.
  • Salt & Sand Spreader Salt & Sand Spreader

    Salt & Sand Spreader

    Ideal for spreading in confined areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used.
  • Sand Cleaner Sand Cleaner

    Sand Cleaner

    Keep the beach clean and quickly remove any litter by using the Bobcat Sand Cleaner.
  • Scarifier Scarifier


    Has the power to rip apart hard packed ground and prepare for digging or landscaping.
  • Scraper Scraper


    Use to remove stubborn, packed-on mud, snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, bike paths, wherever build-up occurs.
  • Seeder Seeder


    Acurate seed placement and adjustable metering.
  • Silt Fence Installer Silt Fence Installer

    Silt Fence Installer

    Provides a more efficient and secure method of installing silt fences than digging by hand or trenching.
  • Snow Blade Snow Blade

    Snow Blade

    An excellent way to quickly remove light or moderate snow from sidewalks and driveways.
  • Snow Blower

    Snow Blower

    Extend your Bobcat® loader work into winter with a hydraulically driven snowblower.
  • Snow Pusher Snow Pusher

    Snow Pusher

    Push snow with speed and efficiency from parking lots, driveways and building sites using the Bobcat® Snow Pusher attachment.
  • Snow V-Blade Snow V-Blade

    Snow V-Blade

    This versatile, hydraulically operated attachment offers five different blade configurations to help operators move snow fast.
  • Sod Layer Sod Layer

    Sod Layer

    Makes laying sod significantly more efficient and quicker, whether it's your daily job or an occasional task.
  • Soil And Asphalt Spreader Soil And Asphalt Spreader

    Soil And Asphalt Spreader

    Engineered to lay asphalt and other material in order to create sidewalks, widen existing roads or fill trenches fast.
  • Soil Conditioner Soil Conditioner

    Soil Conditioner

    A versatile, cost-effective landscaping attachment.
  • Sonic Tracer Sonic Tracer

    Sonic Tracer

    The tracer emits a sonic signal to maintain a set distance or elevation from an object, surface or the ground.
  • Steel Tracks Steel Tracks

    Steel Tracks

    Improve performance in rough, rocky, and muddy conditions with steel tracks.
  • Stump Grinder Stump Grinder

    Stump Grinder

    Grind tree stumps into mulch with the powerful action of the stump grinder attachment.
  • Sweeper Sweeper


    The Bobcat sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris in both forward and reverse.
  • Sweeper, HD Open Frame Sweeper, HD Open Frame

    Sweeper, HD Open Frame

    The Bobcat open design sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris in heavy duty applications.
  • Sweeper, Multipurpose Sweeper, Multipurpose

    Sweeper, Multipurpose

    The Bobcat multipurpose sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris.
  • Tiller Tiller


    A great landscaping attachment.It quickly breaks up ground and mixes compost and other materials into the soil.
  • Tilt-Tatch Tilt-Tatch


    Tilt-TatchTM increases the versatility of Bobcat® buckets, pallet forks and other attachments.
  • Tree Transplanter, Convertible Tree Transplanter, Convertible

    Tree Transplanter, Convertible

    Turn your loader into a tree harvesting unit with this rugged, dependable, attachment that is simple to operate and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Trench Compactor Trench Compactor

    Trench Compactor

    Packs soil after power, water lines or other shallow trenches have been installed in a yard, golf course, park, etc.
  • Trencher Trencher


    This versatile tool can be used for a variety of jobs ranging from light to high-production trenching.
  • Utility Fork Utility Fork

    Utility Fork

    Handle materials easier and move materials faster with the utility fork attachment.
  • Utility Frame Utility Frame

    Utility Frame

    Weld this accessory to non Bobcat® attachments to convert to Bob-TachTM mount.
  • Vibratory Roller Vibratory Roller

    Vibratory Roller

    The ideal compacting tool for flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs.
  • Water Kit Water Kit

    Water Kit

    When using attachments such as a vibratory roller, angle broom or sweeper, add the water kit to help reduce dust.
  • Wheel Saw Wheel Saw

    Wheel Saw

    This rugged, powerful saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground or wire mesh with more precision than air or hydraulic breakers.
  • Wood Chipper Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper

    The Bobcat® wood chipper attachment grinds branches, trees and limbs, reducing branch volume 10 to 1.