Telehandler Attachments

Bobcat® attachments and implements help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace less-efficient machines and give you the tools to accomplish major projects.

  • Choose from the most attachments in the industry.
  • Get performance matched to your Bobcat machine.
  • Work harder with stronger components and construction.
  • Rely on the best dealer support, parts and service.
  • Rest easy with the 12-month warranty on every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment.

Use our search tool to find the best Bobcat attachment and implement combinations for your everyday tasks, occasional projects and seasonal needs.

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Bale Handler With Tines Bale Handler with Tines
Bale Handler With Tines
These handlers are designed to transport and load one or two round farm bales (diameters from 1.2 to 1.6 m).
Bale Handler With Tubes Bale Handler with Tubes
Bale Handler With Tubes
These handlers enable you to transport one or two round, wrapped farm bales with diameters from 1 to 1.8 m.
Bale Spike Bale Spike
Bale Spike
The pair of small-diameter forks gives you advantages over a single spike.
Bucket, Digging Bucket, Digging
Bucket, Digging
The extremely durable Bobcat® digging bucket is ideal for all types of digging and materials handling jobs.
Bucket, Grapple Bucket, Grapple
Bucket, Grapple
You can use this durable grapple to move hard-to-handle agricultural materials.
Bucket, Light Material Bucket, Light Material
Bucket, Light Material
The large volume of Bobcat Light Material Buckets is designed for loading and handling a variety of light materials such as mulch, snow and grain.
Bucket, Waste Bucket, Waste
Bucket, Waste
Optimized engineering design to move aggregates around the jobsite.
Concrete Basket Concrete Basket
Concrete Basket
With our concrete basket attachment, you can quickly pour your concrete wherever you need to.
Fork Grapple Fork Grapple
Fork Grapple
Built tough for reliability and endurance, the fork with grapple easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard to manage materials.
Jib, Crane Jib, Crane
Jib, Crane
Add a crane jib and your telehandler is turned into a crane, but with all the advantages of its mobility and versatility.
Jib, Extension Jib, Extension
Jib, Extension
The Bobcat extension jib further increases your lift and reach capacity.
Jib, Extension, With Winch Jib, Extension, with Winch
Jib, Extension, With Winch
Use a handy extension jib to position loads in places that would otherwise be difficult to access.