Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders

Construction compact wheel loaders combine productivity and reliability with superior operator comfort.

Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders are designed with demanding construction business customers in mind, offering superior performance, ease of use, and operator comfort. These machines' ability for longer-distance travel and automotive-style controls make them especially versatile for multiple or large job sites. Contact us today to find the price of a machine for sale near you!

Elevate Your Business 

Bobcat's compact wheel loaders are designed for rugged construction environments, demonstrating impressive power and versatility. They excel at lifting materials to considerable heights, making them ideal for loading into hard-to-reach places or elevated platforms.

An outdoor action shot of L75 Compact Wheel Loader side-loading a truck with gravel using a bucket on a cloudy day.

Built for the Bumps

Our compact wheel loaders are engineered to conquer uneven terrain, effortlessly navigating bumps and irregular surfaces. Designed with advanced suspension systems and a spacious cabin, these machines offer a smooth and comfortable ride for operators, even in challenging conditions.

An outdoor action shot of L75 and L85 Compact Wheel Loaders loading and transporting gravel on a cloudy, sleety day.

Power and Performance in a Single Machine

Whether maneuvering rugged terrain or tackling heavy-duty tasks, Bobcat's compact wheel loaders ensure efficiency and productivity, making it the ultimate companion for any construction site.


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L75 Compact Wheel Loader L75 Compact Wheel Loader Studio

L75 Compact Wheel Loader

The L75 Compact Wheel Loader strikes a perfect balance between versatility and comfort.

Tipping load
2564 kg
Engine power
41 kW
Operating weight
4635 kg

L85 Compact Wheel Loader Bobcat L85 Compact Wheel Loaders

L85 Compact Wheel Loader

Bobcat's L85 Compact Wheel Loader leads the pack in performance, versatility, and maneuverability.

Tipping load
3151 kg
Engine power
50.7 kW
Operating weight
5091 kg

L95 Compact Wheel Loader A front-left view of a Bobcat L95 Compact Wheel Loader with a General Purpose Bucket attachment.

L95 Compact Wheel Loader

Bobcat's most powerful Compact Wheel Loader combines high performance with top-of-the-line tech and smooth operation.

Tipping load
3339 kg
Engine power
55.2 kW
Operating weight
5376 kg

Skid-steer loader
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Maximize Your Machine's Potential with Bobcat Attachments

Our compact wheel loaders are known for their versatility, thanks to their compatibility with a wide range of Bobcat attachments. Whether you need to move debris with a bucket, load and unload materials with a pallet fork, or clean the job site with an angle broom after the job is done, our loaders can adapt to fulfill your construction needs.

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A studio shot of the Angle broom attachment.

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