L75 Compact Wheel Loader

L75 Compact Wheel Loader

Equipped with a 55 hp engine, the L75 is a versatile and comfortable loader with a tipping load of 2 564 kg. A heated cab, suspension seat, and other essential features come as standard, while a range of options allows you to build the machine around your needs.

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High-Speed Performance

Make quick work of your next task with Bobcat's L75. Whether you're moving materials, clearing debris, or tackling any other task, the L75 delivers the speed and performance you need to stay ahead of schedule. With its agile maneuverability and responsive controls, you'll save valuable time and boost productivity.

An outdoor action shot of Bobcat's L75 compact wheel loader with a male operator transporting a pallet of bricks on a grey, rainy day.

Enjoy On-the-Go Comfort

At Bobcat, we see comfort as essential; that's why we've designed the cabin of the L75 to be your ultimate workspace. With ergonomic seating, ample legroom, and intuitive controls, enjoy every moment spent in the L75.

An outdoor action shot of Bobcat L75 and L85 compact wheel loaders with male operators transporting buckets of gravel on a grey, rainy day.

The Total Package

Designed by Bobcat, explore the compact and versatile L75. Ideal for construction, rental job sites, road work, snow removal, and maintenance.

L75 Specifications


Key Specifications

Tipping load
2564 kg
Engine power
41 kW
Operating weight
4635 kg
Lift height
3.2 m
Bucket capacity
0.8 m3

Key Specifications

Tipping load
2564 kg
Engine power
41 kW
Operating weight
4635 kg
Lift height
3.2 m
Bucket capacity
0.8 m3


Bucket capacity
0.8 m3 
Bucket range
0.6 - 1.2 m3 
Tipping load bucket, straight (ISO 14397-1)
2953.00 kg
Tipping load bucket, articulated at 40° (ISO 14397-1)
2564.00 kg
Tipping load forks, straight (ISO 14397-1)
2349.00 kg
Tipping load forks, articulated at 40° (ISO 14397-1)
1985.00 kg
Lift breakout force (ISO 14397-2)
4023.00 kg
Lift capacity (ISO 14397-2)
2064.00 kg
Maximum travel speed — Range I
6.00 km/h
Maximum travel speed — Range II
20.00 km/h


Fuel Tank
78.80 L
Power at 2600 RPM (ISO 14396):
41.00 kW


Operating weight, standard (ISO 6016)
4635.00 kg
Shipping weight, standard (ISO 6016)
4218.00 kg
Max. static axle load
8400.00 kg
Max. dynamic axle load
6000.00 kg

Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers
42.00 MPa
Hydraulic Tank
27.20 L
Auxiliary Std Flow
75.40 L/min

Drive System

Main Drive
Proportionally regulated hydrostatic motor 
Hydrostatic with electronic regulation 


Vehicle steering
Machine articulation via hydraulic steering with steering wheel 
Travel Direction
Travel direction switch (F-N-R) on joysticks. Drive pedal in work and travel mode. 
Machine hydraulics
Dual axis joystick for lift, tilt and auxiliary 
Vehicle braking
Combination of integrated 6 wet brake disk in rear axle with hydrostatic braking effect provision 


Noise level LpA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC)
100.00 dB(A)
Noise level LWA(at operator's ear)
79.00 dB(A)
Whole body vibration below
0.81 ms2
Hand-arm vibration below
1.05 ms2


Cab Height
2472.70 mm
Ground Clearance
402.00 mm
2100.00 mm
Overall Length with Bucket
5471.30 mm
Reach at Maximum Dump Height
714.00 mm
Dig Depth
125.00 mm
Maximum Dump Height
2482.50 mm
Hinge Pin at Maximum Height
3225.00 mm
Departure Angle
32.10 °
Turning Radius Over Bucket
4280.40 mm
Turning Radius Inside Tire
2000.60 mm
Width Over Bucket
1900.00 mm
Tire Gauge
1410.00 mm
Machine Width
1770.00 mm
Articulation Angle
40.00 °
Dump Angle at Maximum Height
45.00 °

Dimensions - Pallet fork

Overall Length with Forks
5999.10 mm
Reach at Ground Level
843.60 mm
Maximum Reach
1305.70 mm
Fork Height at Maximum Reach
1349.00 mm
Maximum Fork Height
3075.00 mm
Fork Reach at Maximum Height
469.90 mm
Tines width
773.6 - 1313.6 mm 
Turning radius - carry positions
4262 - 4472.6 mm 

Elevate Your Workflow with Bobcat Attachments

Make the most of your L75 with Bobcat's diverse selection of attachments, specially designed to simplify every task, no matter the job.

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A studio shot of the Angle broom attachment.

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