Bobcat’s L85 Wheel Loader Gets to Work at Spanish Paper Recycling Center

Posted: 9 January 2023

Since the beginning of the 1940s, the Spanish Rua family business has been dedicated to the management and recovery of paper and cardboard, later expanding to plastics, metals, wood, and other industrial waste. Today, Rua Papel Gestión is a respected company with an active presence in the European and Asian markets, selling products from the company’s three plants based in Catalonia. Recently, the company purchased a new Bobcat L85 compact wheel loader for its Sant Andreu de la Barca paper recycling center. At this plant, around 38,000 tonne of paper and cardboard are processed annually. To complete this enormous task, they required a powerful and versatile machine that was also compact enough to maneuver easily inside the warehouse, between the rows and columns of stored paper bales.

The Bobcat L85 loader handles the materials fed to the presses. The operators make the most of these powerful machines by equipping them with forks to better load the paper bales. This versatile machine allows them to tackle various daily tasks at the plant, and the tremendous advantages of Bobcat attachments don't go unnoticed.

The Hydraulic Quick-Tach System comes standard with the L85, which is compatible with the most commonly used standard couplers in the sector, enabling the use of high-flow attachments. The advanced attachment control allows the operator to change the machine's control pattern with just a push of a button, providing independent control of engine and travel speeds. Thanks to the 7-pin connector, the operator can intuitively and efficiently control even the most complicated attachments.

The L85 comes equipped with a 50.7 kW engine, allowing for a tipping load of 3151 kg; it offers great comfort and exceptional productivity.

Advantages Over Other Machines

Diego Avila, General Manager of Rua Papel Gestión, comments: “Previously, we completed the same work with forklifts, but we saw that when, for example, a truck loaded with 12 tonne of magazines arrived, the power of the L85 loader was much higher and offered smoother operations." 

“When replacing the forklifts, we first rented a Bobcat S450 compact loader. It was received so well that we didn't even considered changing brands. The Bobcat S450 has given us very good results – no problems or mechanical failures."

“It's a great machine, designed for construction, which is why it is exceptionally robust and requires minimal maintenance. We are very satisfied with this model. And though we've worked well with it, we thought maybe a larger loader could possibly improve our workflow; we were right. Now, we efficiently and comfortably push material with the Bobcat L85 loader directly onto the conveyor belt."

“Bobcat Of, the area's official distributor, let us test drive the Bobcat L85 loader for ten days and then it never left. Its power, startup, thrust, traction, as well as its versatility and cab comfort are unbeatable."

“Regarding design, for us, it's perfect. It prevents problems, breakdowns, and unnecessary stops. Its parts, such as the cylinders, are protected and make sure the machine doesn't clog up with scraps of paper. This use to happen all the time with our forklifts, but in this loader, the only thing that comes in contact with the paper is the attachment, meaning we have zero risk of it being damaged or blocked.”

Low Consumption, High Safety, and Comfort

Compared to other machines, operators enjoy the low fuel consumption of this loader. They also feel safe thanks to the weight of the loader, its stability, the size of its wheels, and the closed cab. The forklifts clearly did not offer the same protection.

Above all, the operators love the comfort of this cab. The highlights are its hydraulic seat, excellent 360° visibility on both sides, and noise reduction. By working in a closed cab, noise from the crushers and other facility equipment is greatly reduced, creating a more comfortable work environment for our operators. The cab is also pressurized and meets the strictest levels of FOPS II safety requirements.

"They also highly appreciate its user-friendly handling. The joystick's conveniently placed controls and its adjustable positioning, integrated into the operator's suspension seat, ensure the best driving experience for hours on end."


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