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We understand what's important for our customers from the agricultural business: productivity, comfort and reliability. Our farming line-up of Telehandlers, Compact Tractors, Skid-Steer Loaders, Track Loaders, Compact Wheel Loaders and Small Articulated Loaders is built around those needs to make sure you are always in control.

Telehandlers A Bobcat Telehandler with the Bucket Grapple attachment and outstretched boom arm dumping manure onto a pile in an open farmyard.


Treat yourself to a superior machine that combines all-day comfort, superior productivity and dependability, intelligent features,and a robust build with intuitive operation and excellent all-round ergonomics.

Skid-Steer Loaders A male operator using a Bobcat Ski-steer Loader with the Bucket Grapple attachment to move hay in a farmyard.

Skid-Steer Loaders

Our skid-steer models are a force to be reckoned with in your agricultural business with unbeatable agility, utilization and durability. And with more than a dozen models to choose from, you’ll find the right machine for any job.

Compact Track Loaders A male operator using a Bobcat Compact Track Loader with the Industrial Grapple attachment and outstretched arm to transport a long log in a forest.

Compact Track Loaders

With excellent stability, maximum durability, advanced attachment capability, low ground pressure, and superior traction, Bobcat Compact Track Loaders perform for many types of agricultural business.

Compact Wheel Loaders An operator using a Bobcat Small Articulated Loader moving a laden pallet with the Pallet Fork attachment through a yard on a sunny day.

Compact Wheel Loaders

Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders are designed with demanding agricultural business customers in mind, offering superior performance and providing ease of use, operator comfort, high dump height with a long reach, advanced attachment capability, and good all-around visibility. These machines' ability for longer-distance travel and automotive-style controls make them especially versatile for larger farms.

Small Articulated Loaders A male operator using a Bobcat Small Articulated Loader with the Bucket Grapple attachment to transport earth on flat ground near an industrial site.

Small Articulated Loaders

Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders for agriculture offer unparalleled ease of use with simple and intuitive control and the ability to easily hop on and off. Farming jobs on sensitive surfaces are possible thanks to low surface disturbance, while the compact dimensions and agility help you get around even in confined spaces. Signature Bobcat productivity and reliability make sure that you can get any job done.

Compact Tractors A male operator using a Bobcat Compact Tractor to transport hay and manure in a confined cow barn.

Compact Tractors

Bobcat offers an extensive line-up of sub-compact and compact tractors for farming with models varying in size, horsepower, and transmission type, with open canopy (ROPS) or cabin options. These machines will help you run your agricultural business efficiently thanks to their robust construction, smooth operation, flexible configuration, and full compatibility with a wide portfolio of attachments.

Popular Attachments

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  • Angle Broom Angle broom

    Angle Broom

    Dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris are quickly and efficiently swept away with this hydraulically driven attachment.
  • Auger Auger


    Speed and perfect vertical accuracy are what you get with this high-torque, heavy-duty hydraulic auger.
  • Backhoe Backhoe


    Equip your tractor with our backhoe to facilitate landscaping and nursery work.
  • Bale Fork Bale Fork

    Bale Fork

    The pair of small diameter forks offer benefits over a single fork.
  • Bale Handler With Tines Bale Handler with Tines

    Bale Handler With Tines

    These handlers are designed to transport and load one or two round farm bales (diameters from 1.2 to 1.6 m).
  • Bale Handler With Tubes Bale Handler with Tubes

    Bale Handler With Tubes

    These handlers enable you to transport one or two round, wrapped farm bales with diameters from 1 to 1.8 m.
  • Bale Spike Bale Spike

    Bale Spike

    The pair of small-diameter forks gives you advantages over a single spike.
  • Ballast box Ballast box

    Ballast box

    The rear ballast box improves traction by balancing the weight of your tractor.
  • Boom Truss Boom Truss

    Boom Truss

    Designed for the telehandler, the rugged 3.7m boom is built for moving trusses on construction jobsites.
  • Boring Unit Boring Unit

    Boring Unit

    Save the time and expense of tearing up sidewalks, driveways and other paved areas to install irrigation lines.
  • Box blade Box blade

    Box blade

    Use it around barns, gardens, buildings, and even roads.
  • Box Blade Box Blade

    Box Blade

    The laser box blade is designed for precise grading and has a grade accuracy of 6 mm.
  • Box Blade, HD Box Blade, HD

    Box Blade, HD

    Save time and money while producing a more accurate finish grade with the Bobcat HD box blade.
  • Breaker Breaker


    Bobcat breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use.
  • Brush Saw Brush Saw

    Brush Saw

    The Bobcat. brush saw attachment is a quick, convenient way to remove unwanted brush.
  • Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter Brushcat Rotary Cutter

    Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter

    Handle tough brush clearing and landscaping applications easily with the Brushcat™ rotary cutter.
  • Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial

    Bucket (CI), Construction / Industrial

    The strongest of all Bobcat buckets.
  • Bucket (GP), General Purpose Bucket (GP), General Purpose

    Bucket (GP), General Purpose

    General purpose buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style.
  • Bucket (LP), Low Profile Bucket (LP), Low Profile

    Bucket (LP), Low Profile

    These buckets have a longer bottom than the construction/industrial style.
  • Bucket, Clay Spade Bucket, Clay Spade

    Bucket, Clay Spade

    Ideal for precision digging when installing or repairing pipes.
  • Bucket, Combination Bucket, Combination

    Bucket, Combination

    Dozing, grappling, levelling, digging, loading and dumping.

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