Delivering the same performance as a new product at a lower cost, while being better for the environment.

Bobcat Remanufactured Parts

Bobcat Remanufactured Parts represent a reliable and economic alternative to new parts when they have worn out or broken down. They offer the same performance as new with a lower cost, while also being better for the environment. Remanufacturing offers the best alternative to new, better than just rebuilding or reconditioning.

Why choose Remanufactured Parts?

Bobcat Remanufactured Parts are built only from genuine Bobcat components. We use returned cores allowing us to reduce the costs of production without compromising quality, durability, or performance.

All Bobcat Remanufactured Parts are backed by the same warranty as new Bobcat parts.

Remanufacturing Process

  • Each returned part is fully disassembled.
  • Its core is cleaned and inspected for damage or wear beyond an acceptable level. 
  • The core elements’ surfaces and working areas are reconditioned to make them just like new.
  • All small parts are replaced with new original parts.
  • The final product is reassembled according to Bobcat specifications.
  • After assembly, each remanufactured part is tested for perfect functionality and performance.
Worn, failed, or critical parts are replaced with new OEM parts; Working surfaces are reconditioned; Each part is inspected and tested to original specifications; Covered by the original warranty; "Return to new like state" 
Failed parts replaced with new; Maybe inspected and tested; "Going halfway" 
Failed parts are replaced with new or used parts; "Fix only what’s broken" 
Better for Environment icon

Better for Environment

  • Remanufacturing reduces waste going into landfills and minimizes the need for raw material to produce new parts.
  • Through remanufacturing, we make an important contribution towards sustaining our environment by keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes. 
Beneficial for the Customer icon

Beneficial for the Customer

  • An average 25% saving compared to new parts. 
  • Full factory warranty
  • Peace of mind
  • The same Bobcat quality
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Our Remanufactured Range

Remanufactured parts are available in a selected range covering:

  • Fuel components (injector fuel, turbochargers, etc..)
  • Hydraulic components (motor drive, pump gear, etc..)
  • Electronic components (starter, alternator, etc..)

For some parts that are no longer produced, the remanufactured version may be the only available offer.

Learn more about the program. Download the Remanufactured Parts brochure.