Bobcat is entering a new market with range of 37 models

Light Compactors

A range of 7 families and 37 models includes state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use

When we look around jobsites in construction, roadwork, landscaping and even recycling, we can always find some light compaction equipment being used. We are introducing these new products in collaboration with the Ammann Group, a brand known for productivity, ergonomics and serviceability. Values we hold dear at Bobcat ourselves. Compaction machines are highly versatile, our offering will range between rammers from 29 kilos up to tandem rollers of up to 3 tons.

Rammers Rammers


We will have 6 rammers intended for small compaction work. They are the perfect partner for trench, drainage or pipeline compaction, and thanks to their compact size they are often used for road construction or landscaping as well.

Forward Plates Forward Plates

Forward Plates

Ideal for tackling jobs in tight areas and small jobsites. They are the smallest of our plates available with a wide range of options enabling a quick change of jobsite or application. You will be able to choose from 6 forward moving models.

Reversible Plates Reversible Plates

Reversible Plates

Twin-shaft technology of reversible plates not only allows a change of direction, but also results in dual weight and better compaction force. Hydrostatic steering controls guarantees ease of operation and quick change in compaction direction.

Hydrostatic Plates Hydrostatic Plates

Hydrostatic Plates

Fit for all heavy compaction work in civil engineering and road construction. Hydrostatic plates have patented triple shaft excitation system that creates a more consistent drive, even on saturated or wet surfaces and gives them a never-seen-before climbing ability.

Walk-Behind Rollers Walk-Behind Rollers

Walk-Behind Rollers

The heavier end of this compaction range is represented by two walk-behind rollers. These fully hydraulic machines are equipped with dual amplitude settings, enabling to change between soil and asphalt compaction within seconds.

Trench Rollers Trench Rollers

Trench Rollers

Our two Trench roller models, articulated and skid-steer, are mainly found on jobsites compacting trenches or compacting in hard to reach or hazardous areas.

Tandem Rollers Tandem Rollers

Tandem Rollers

Tandem rollers are used for larger surfaces of sub-base, asphalt or other ground materials. They are mostly present in small to medium commercial development sites and road construction sites.

Bobcat Light Compaction Equipment In Action