Light compaction equipment

Bobcat Hydrostatic Plates – Harnessed Power

Advanced compaction technology

Built with a fully hydraulic drive, these plates achieve best-inclass control while providing significantly more power than mechanical alternatives. Triple-shaft technology enables smooth movement even through heavy, saturated soils.

hydrostatic plates

Hydrostatic Plates Applications

A small machine tackling big challenges. Bobcat hydrostatic plates are exceptionally versatile machines thanks to their high productivity and small size. After all, it’s not the size – it’s how many ways you can use it.

  • Soil / earthwork
  • Set paved roads / paving stones
  • Trench work
  • Road construction
  • Foundation work
  • Civil engineering
  • Landscaping

Bobcat Light Compaction Equipment In Action


Mighty and Fast

Fast working speeds and strong compaction forces make plates excel on many job sites and in many applications.

Smart Compaction

Achieve top productivity with an automated compaction measurement system traditionally used on heavier machines.

Compaction Measurment System

Take the guesswork out of compaction. With Bobcat’s Compaction Measurement System, you get clear visual feedback on the soil stiffness in real-time. Knowing exactly when the desired compaction has been achieved boosts your productivity and efficiency.

Triple Shaft Technology

Additional shaft placed in the middle enables smooth travel and consistent drive. This also helps plates overcome steep grades and stay above the surface on saturated soils.

Outstanding Accuracy

Designed to excel even in confined areas or corners, thanks to its high-accuracy Orbitrol steering control. By turning the drive knob on the handle, the direction and speed are controlled with high precision, allowing you to change direction smoothly or to hover and compact on-the-spot.

Comfortable Grip

To further improve operator’s comfort, the guide handle ensures very low vibration levels. This not only makes work days more comfortable but also eliminates additional paperwork.

From Beginners to Pros

Intuitive machine controls make our hydrostatic plates easily accessible to new users. Plus, features such as the emergency stop button, which shuts down the drive system when activated, guarantee maximum safety on the job site.

Easy Transport

Lifting and transport are easy and fast thanks to conveniently placed tiedown points and a central hook, securely integrated into the machine’s frame.

Effortless Start

Get the plate up and running reliably thanks to 2 starting systems: the optional electric start sets you up in seconds, while a securely stored hand crack is available as a backup.
Full Light Compaction Range


A range of 7 families and 37 models includes state of the art technologies that allow maximum performance, while not compromising on comfort, safety and simplicity of use.