BobCARE Planned Maintenance

Maintaining the performance of Bobcat equipment during its entire lifetime requires regular inspections alongside genuine fluids and spare parts. That’s the reason Bobcat provides resources and services to help keep your machine in top operating condition. These resources are backed by an extensive network of Bobcat dealerships with experienced service technicians who are ready to help when you need it most.

Ensuring long-running Bobcat equipment starts with proper maintenance, which protects it from repair costs and unplanned failures.

BobCARE Planned Maintenance brings you:

Increased Uptime icon

Increased Uptime

Identifying issues during regular, planned maintenance helps avoid future breakdowns or unscheduled downtime. As a result, you can enjoy improved productivity and profitability.

Cost-Effective icon


Planned maintenance helps catch issues early, when they may require only minor repairs rather than costly major repairs.

Predictable Expenses icon

Predictable Expenses

Predict and plan for ongoing equipment maintenance, including parts, labor, supplies, and lubricants to minimize unexpected expenses.

Genuine Parts, Fluids, and Technicians icon

Genuine Parts, Fluids, and Technicians

Bobcat-trained technicians perform all maintenance work using only quality genuine parts and fluids.

Longer Machine Life icon

Longer Machine Life

A regular equipment maintenance program is proven to extend the life of the machine.

Higher Resale Value icon

Higher Resale Value

When it’s time to sell, the superior care and maintenance your machine receives is seen as an added value to future buyers.

Ask your dealer for more information.