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Bobcat Baterries

Bobcat Heavy-Duty Batteries are
Designed with Tough Jobs in Mind!

Don't Let a Weak Battery Keep Your Machine Standing Still.
Crank it up with a Bobcat heavy-duty battery! Bobcat equipment needs a battery that can deliver the necessary power while withstanding hard jolts and heat.
There’s a Bobcat battery specifically designed for your Bobcat equipment.
Download the Bobcat Battery Reference Guide.

Unlike look-a-like batteries, Bobcat batteries feature:

  • Full-size reinforced plates that store full cranking power—even in extreme conditions
  • Lead-welded post seal and anchored elements
  • Microporous envelope separators for long battery life
  • Specifically designed for Bobcat equipment
  • One-piece cover with foldable suitcase handle for easy installation

Freshness Label Guide

Batteries are considered “fresh goods”, they self-discharge over time when stocked. Therefore, FIFO (first in, first out) stock management is essential to make sure the batteries are always up-to-date and not aging on the rack.
The freshness label is a quick and visible indicator of the Bobcat Battery production date. It is great for efficient inventory handling and ensures that end customers always receive batteries with good state-of-charge.
Freshness Label

Freshness labels consist of 2 digits

  1. Number - year
    • Last digit of the year (e.g, 7 for 2017, 8 for 2018)
  2. Letter - bimestar
    • A - Jan / Feb
    • B - Mar / Apr
    • C - May / Jun
    • D - Jul / Aug
    • E - Sep / Oct
    • F - Nov / Dec