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Tires to best suit your application


Did you know that tires are essential in helping you manage your operating costs and achieving the best performance over the longest lifetime?

Just as your choice of accessories makes a big difference in how your Skid Steer Loader performs on the job, your choice of tires is all-important too. Choosing the right tire for the right application raises productivity, reduces downtime, and is a key factor in minimizing operating cost.

When you decide to buy a tire, you have to differentiate between ‘price’ and ‘cost’ – price is what you pay for the tire now, but cost is the expense over the long-term for maintaining or replacing the tire. Bobcat tires offer the right combination of service life, performance, traction and cost per hour.

Bobcat offers only optimized machine components and only approved tires for a variety of applications – from muddy soil and soft sand, to mixed terrains and hard or industrial surfaces. You rely on your Skid Steer Loader to work hard on the job – so choose tires that will work just as hard and last a long time.