Bobcat Goes Electric and Innovates on All Fronts

Posted: 11 April 2019

At Bauma 2019, the Bobcat stand is the company’s largest ever full-liner display at the show, providing an exciting blend of new products and technology being presented for the first time. The stand shows solutions in every customer sector from earthmoving, roadwork, rental and demolition to material handling and landscaping.

Covering an impressive space in excess of 2500 m2 with thirty machines on display, visitors can see the spectacular live show Bobcat is famed for, featuring machine stunts and providing an introduction to new Bobcat products. A prominent feature is a wall with a large composite Bobcat image made up of over 26,000 pictures with over 100 kinds of attachments presenting one of the widest portfolios on the market. The stand also includes areas dedicated to the company’s enhanced aftermarket parts and services as well as financing solutions.

The main event at Bauma for Bobcat is the launch of the new E10e Electric Mini-Excavator, the industry's first commercially available fully electric, zero tail swing mini-excavator in the one tonne class. The E10e stars in the live demo as does the company’s new advanced Remote Control System for Bobcat compact loaders, one of a number of new attachments on show, including a new range of flail mowers for Bobcat mini-excavators.

As well as the E10e, there is a full display of Bobcat mini-excavators including the first appearance at Bauma of the new R-Series models from 2-4 tonne. Bobcat is also exhibiting several new telehandlers and compact loaders for the first time at Bauma.

Meeting Customer Demand for Emission Free Indoor Work Solution

The new E10e mini-excavator answers a customer need for a zero emission and low noise tool for indoor work. The design of the battery-powered E10e is based on Bobcat’s conventional E10z mini-excavator, the market leader in the 1 tonne class.

With its zero tail swing profile, no emissions, a low noise operation and a width of just 71 cm, the new E10e can easily pass through standard doors and in and out of lifts, making it ideal for indoor applications such as demolition and basement construction. In addition, by coupling the E10e to an optional external Bobcat super-charger while operators are on normal work breaks, the E10e can operate for a typical full working day. (Please see separate E10e story in the press pack).

New Remote Control Launch for Bobcat Loaders

Bobcat is the first manufacturer to introduce a Remote Control System as original ‘Plug&Play’ equipment rather than offering an add-on development from a third party. It is compatible with Bobcat compact loaders equipped with the company’s Selectable Joystick Controls. The new system will be commercially available later this year.

Applications are numerous including those in potentially dangerous construction and demolition environments; bumpy, uneven terrain or steep slopes that are uncomfortable to work on for long periods; work sites with limited space such as process plants and dock side areas dealing with noxious chemicals and many others.

The new plug and play system comprises an easily portable and industrial radio remote control solution that can be mounted and dismounted on machines in a matter of minutes, leaving behind the standard machine in its original form. Being able to control the loader from outside the cab offers the operator a completely new and alternative opportunity in terms of visibility and communication. (Please see the dedicated Remote Control System press release in the press pack).

Bobcat Attachment Portfolio Expands at Bauma

As well as the first showing of the new Remote Control System, other new attachments include the SL FM 85, part of a new line of self-levelling flail mower attachments for Bobcat mini-excavators. The range initially comprises two models – the SL FM 60 and SL FM 85 – compatible with the E17 to E35z 1.7-3.5 tonne mini-excavators.

A unique feature on the new flail mowers is a drum braking circuit that stops the attachment within 12 seconds. For extra safety, the flail mowers are also equipped with resistant guards to divert debris (please see press pack).

Also being shown for the first time at Bauma, the new WS-SL20 Wheel Saw is designed to cut efficiently through asphalt, rock and concrete surfaces. It has a variable segments wheel, which allows the user to quickly change the width of the wheel (50, 80, 100, 120 mm) in the field, instead of replacing the complete wheel in a workshop, a saving of 10 hours in the process.

The PSL120 is one of two new model sizes that has expanded the success of Bobcat’s portfolio of self-levelling planer attachments. The PSL50 (50 cm width) and PSL120 (120 cm width) planers are designed for use with Bobcat high flow compact loaders.

R-Series: Innovative E26 Cylinder-Inside-Boom Excavator

Comprising five models (E26, E27z, E27, E34 and E35z) from 2-4 tonne, the new R-Series mini-excavators offer the best combination of high digging forces, outstanding stability and precise controllability in this category. In addition, the lower weight of the machines makes transportation easier.

The E26 mini-excavator is the first machine on the market with the unique and patented Cylinder-Inside-Boom (CIB) feature specifically engineered as a solution for a common problem in the rental industry, by providing strong, innovative protection for the boom cylinder.

Rental machines are often used by operators with little experience, leading to misuse and lack of maintenance that can result in irreparable damage and unrecoverable costs for rental companies. The CIB feature aims to overcome what has been one of the weakest points in any mini-excavator - the vulnerability of the boom cylinder to damage such as colliding with the sides of trucks and other vehicles when loading materials.

Even with its optional heavy counterweight, the conventional swing E27 model offers just 280 mm of tail overhang which allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces. As a true Zero House Swing (ZHS) machine, the E27z offers the highest flexibility of movements when working close to walls, coupled with best-in-class 360-degree stability and a low weight for easy transportation.

The 3.4 tonne E34 features a new roomy premium cab with optional powerful air conditioning to ensure an ideal operator environment in all weather conditions. In the 3.5 tonne E35z, the ZHS functionality again provides the peace-of-mind of 320° of free rotation when working close to walls and other obstructions, without sacrificing on operator comfort or performance.

New TL43.80HF ‘Waste Expert’ and TL30.70 Telehandlers

In the Material Handling zone on the Bobcat stand, the company is showing the exclusive product review, the new high performance Bobcat TL43.80HF model equipped with the ‘Waste Expert’ package for the first time. The TL43.80HF offers a high lift capacity of 4.3 tonne and a maximum lift height of almost 8 m, for handling applications in general industry and recycling. It is also ideal for farming work.

The TL43.80HF is designed with a heavy duty concept comprising reinforced axles, an additional counterweight and Z-bar kinematics which together give an outstanding range of motion and extra break-out force, combined with the fastest boom movement available in this market. Designed for typical recycling applications, the Waste Expert version has extra features such as a steel tank and protection for the lights, reinforced heavy duty axles and solid tyres.

Bobcat’s TL30.70 compact telehandler is also a newcomer to Bauma. The TL30.70 provides a maximum lift capacity of 3 tonne and a maximum lift height of nearly 7 m, for a wide range of applications found in the construction and rental industries. The compact width of 2.1 m in the TL30.70 ensures it provides a cost effective format in the 7 m class.

Bobcat Introducing 5 Year Warranty for Extra Peace of Mind

The world premier five-year warranty available in Bobcat’s ‘Protection Plus’ programme is being presented in combination with the BobCARE maintenance plan. This unique warranty offers new protection for customers’ investments. Reduced downtime and greater confidence in repair quality thanks to the service provided by certified engineers, leads to enhanced security, maximum productivity and increased residual values for Bobcat machines and attachments.


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