Bobcat Launches New TL30.70 AGRI Telescopic Loader

Posted: 10 November 2017

At Agritechnica in Hanover in Germany, Bobcat is launching the company’s new TL30.70 AGRI compact telescopic loader for the agricultural industry. The TL30.70 provides a maximum lift capacity of 3 tonne and a maximum lift height of nearly 7 m; the overall width remains at less than 2.1 m even with 24 inch tyres.

The new TL30.70 is part of a range of six telescopic loader models from Bobcat covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 3.8 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 7 m. Like all the models in the Bobcat range, the TL30.70 is covered by a three year/3000 hour warranty as standard. There is also the option of extending the warranty to five years/5000 hours. They are all designed and manufactured in France (Brittany) at the Bobcat factory in Pontchâteau.

The new TL30.70 is ideal for poultry and goat farms but also for mixed farming, particularly on small and medium sized crop, livestock and dairy farms.

In Europe, the segment for 7 m lifting height telescopic loaders represents more than two thirds of the farming market. The TL30.70 provides an excellent compact and cost-effective alternative to larger 7 m models, especially where working spaces are tight and increased manoeuvrability is required. In addition, performance is not compromised in the compact TL30.70, which offers a powerful hydraulic system with flow sharing to combine several fast boom movements simultaneously for increased productivity.

Like the existing TL26.60 and TL30.60 telescopic loaders in the Bobcat range, the TL30.70 is available with two different overall machine heights with a cab which can be mounted in two different ways – in a low position that results in a very low 2.1 m height or a higher position to optimise visibility. The Low Cab machine is available with 24 inch tyres, which can provide a low profile telescopic loader with high ground clearance and a maximum speed of 40 km/h. As standard, the cab is also suspended to enhance ride comfort.

Smooth Hydro-Vario Transmission

Like all Bobcat telescopic loaders, the TL30.70 has a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth power quickly and when it is needed. A two-speed range with shift-on-fly optimises speed and torque for each individual job. The Hydro-Vario transmission delivers the smoothest 0-40 km/h stepless driving experience and allows an impressive 17 tonne towing capacity when equipped with the trailer brake system.

Bobcat has designed all of its telescopic loaders with the same robust box-welded frame for enhanced rigidity and stability (low load centre). The shielded bottom plate protects vital components and a combination of specific features maximises reliability and reduces total cost of ownership in even the most severe conditions.

New Features

The TL30.70 offers several new features providing higher comfort and productivity:

Power lift, an efficient lifting technology that increases boom speeds and productivity at work.

Automatic Parking brake, a unique feature in the market, for enhanced safety and operator convenience.

Automatic Fan inverter, whereby a cycle time can be set for cleaning radiators and the air intake grill; a simple way to maintain efficient cooling.

Boom Cushion Retract that automatically slows down the boom speed when the boom is nearly fully retracted or at min/max angles, increasing safety and operator confidence.

High Comfort Air Suspension Seat, including longitudinal and low frequency suspensions. Many adjustments are available to allow the operator to find the most comfortable drive position.

There are also a number of tried and tested smart operating features still offered as standard:

SMS (Speed Management System), which allows the travel speed to be adjusted independently of the engine speed.

SHS (Smart Handling System), which allows the speed of the boom movements (lifting, telescoping and tilting) to be adjusted, depending on the type of work being carried out.

AFM (Auxiliary Flow Management), which allows the hydraulic output to be adjusted to match attachment requirements and to set a continuous flow.

FCS (Fast Connect System), which provides quick and easy interchange of hydraulic attachments via an integrated pressure-release system.

Another standard feature is the ECO mode which maintains optimum hydraulic performance without using the engine’s full power, adjusting the main machine features to produce a balance between top performance and providing the best performance/fuel consumption ratio.

The Bobcat D34 Diesel Engine

For markets in Europe, where emissions are tightly regulated, high performance is ensured by the Bobcat D34 diesel engine. To ensure the TL30.70 is matched to the customer’s application, there is a choice of two different versions of the D34 engine.

The first is a 55 kW (75 HP) Stage IIIB engine offering cost-efficient operation. As well as not needing SCR and AdBlue, benefits include up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption over typical work cycles in the farming industry. This version of the TL30.70 is the best choice for farmers with applications mainly in the yard.

The alternative is the D34 75 kW (100 HP) Stage IV engine providing excellent power for heavier operations, with DOC and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with DEF injection after-treatment technologies. The 100 HP version offers many advantages, performs all jobs faster and has the extra engine power needed in rough terrain conditions and for towing trailers.


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