Bobcat Launches New TL30.70 Telehandler

Posted: 10 November 2017

Providing a maximum lift capacity of 3 tonne and a maximum lift height of nearly 7 m, the new TL30.70 compact telehandler from Bobcat is designed for a wide range of applications found in the construction and rental industries.

The TL30.70 provides an excellent compact and cost-effective alternative to larger 7 m models, especially where working spaces are tight and increased manoeuvrability is required. In addition, performance is not compromised as the TL30.70 offers an outstanding maximum reach of 4 m with a load of more than 1 tonne. At the maximum lift height, users can lift up to 2 tonne of weight, which is sufficient to place a pallet of heavy bricks in most conditions. The compactness and stability of the TL30.70 will make this machine a perfect tool for easy pick and go or for lifting materials to height on housing and commercial property developments.

Like the existing TL26.60 and TL30.60 telehandlers in the Bobcat range, the TL30.70 is available with two different overall machine heights with a cab which can be mounted in two different ways – in a low position that results in a very low 2.1 m height or a higher position to optimise visibility. As standard, the cab is also suspended to enhance ride comfort.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Like all Bobcat telehandlers, the TL30.70 has a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that allows smooth and precise low speed travel, with the ability to immediately go faster or work harder when required. The Bobcat auto-shift transmission automatically adapts the motor torque and speed to the desired level for the job. Operators have the benefit of not having to take their hands off the joystick to change gear. Last but not least, this premium transmission is equipped with an inching function that allows the operator to be even more precise in low speed applications without having to use the brakes, reducing fatigue and increasing safety.

Bobcat has designed all of its telehandlers with the same robust box-welded frame for enhanced rigidity. The shielded bottom plate protects vital components and a combination of specific features maximises reliability and reduces total cost of ownership in even the most severe conditions, including high-tensile steel, U welded shapes, the integrated boom head, new generation wear pads, large bolts and large steel inserts for increased friction coefficients.

User-friendly as always

The TL30.70 offers several features providing unique ease of use:

All-in-one ergonomic joystick as standard that ensures that all boom functions and travel direction are permanently in the hands of the operator.

Automatic Parking brake, a unique feature in the market, for enhanced safety and operator convenience.

Boom Cushion Retract that automatically slows down the boom speed when the boom is nearly fully retracted or at min/max angles, increasing safety and operator confidence.

Automatic Fan inverter, whereby a cycle time can be set for cleaning radiators and the air intake grill; a simple way to maintain efficient cooling.

High Comfort Air Suspension Seat, including longitudinal and low frequency suspensions. Many adjustments are available to allow the operator to find the most comfortable drive position.

The Bobcat D34 Diesel Engine

To ensure the TL30.70 is matched to the customer’s application, there is a choice of two different versions of the D34 engine.

The first is a 55 kW (75 HP) Stage IIIB engine offering cost efficient operation. As well as not needing SCR and AdBlue, benefits include better accessibility to components inside the engine basket and up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption over typical work cycles in construction and other industries.

The alternative is the D34 75 kW (100 HP) Stage IV engine providing excellent power for heavier operations with DEF injection after-treatment technologies.

The new TL30.70 is part of the Bobcat range of 12 user-friendly telehandler models aimed at applications in construction and rental, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.1 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 18 m. All the models in the range are covered by a three year/3000 hour warranty as standard.



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