Bobcat to show RogueX2 Autonomous Loader Concept for the first time at Intermat 2024

Posted on: 19 January 2024

The Bobcat stand at Intermat 2024 will give an insight into what the company is developing for the construction industry of the future, together with new and existing products that provide customers with fresh solutions and increased productivity today.

For the future market, Bobcat will be unveiling the new RogueX2 autonomous loader concept, the second iteration of the original RogueX system.

All products presented at the Intermat fair including new additions such as forklifts, portable power and ground maintenance equipment will proudly carry the Bobcat logo and signature colours in line with the company’s global branding strategy. 

Other new additions being showcased at Intermat include a brand new range of rotary telehandlers and a new variable pressure portable air compressor.

RogueX2 Wheel Loader Concept

The RogueX2 loader has been developed from the RogueX concept presented at the Conexpo show in Las Vegas nearly a year ago. RogueX2 is an all-electric and autonomous concept machine that produces zero emissions, and features a lithium-ion battery, electric drive system and electric actuated lift and tilt kinematics with no hydraulics. Specifically designed and built without a cab, the RogueX2 and RogueX concept machines address the challenges of workforce shortages by eliminating the need for an operator. They also provide the blueprint for how work machines of the future can be designed and optimized for new technologies and enable an entirely new work experience. 

In RogueX2, the internal combustion engine (ICE) is replaced with an electric powertrain for power and drive. This machine also eliminates 100% of the hydraulics, including all connectors, hoses, tubelines and fittings that are common failure points. The absence of hydraulics and fluids in its design not only reduces ICE emissions but also minimizes noise pollution and the risk of all environmental pollution. 

The original RogueX was designed with tracks, and it uses advanced workgroup kinematics to offer unique functionality that combines vertical-path, radial-path and variable-path lift capabilities in one machine. In contrast, RogueX2 is designed with wheels instead of tracks to optimize the electric battery run time. It also features axial flux motors, which give the machine incredible tractive effort. The machine delivers greater power output for demanding applications like grading, digging or powering attachments for heavy duty work. 

Together, the RogueX and RogueX2 concept loaders have garnered many new patents pending.  “These patents represent more than new features on a machine - they signify how we are breaking rules to define a new work experience,” said Joel Honeyman, Doosan Bobcat Vice President of Global Innovation

New Rotary Telehandler Range 

Bobcat will be showing a new range of Rotary Telehandlers for the first time at Intermat. The new range offers nine Stage V powered models for the European market (for lifting heights from 18 to 39 m) and four Stage IIIA machines for sale in the Middle East and Africa (covering lifting heights from 18 to 26 m). 

The models with lifting heights from 18 to 26 m are Deutz engine powered, with the higher lift models from 26 to 39 m powered by Volvo engines. The same engine manufacturers are common to both the Stage IIIA and Stage V models, allowing easier maintenance and training.

One of the key aspects of the new line of rotary telehandlers is the patented panoramic cab offering the best visibility on the market. 

New Bobcat Portable Air Compressor with FlexAir Technology

This will be the first time visitors to Intermat will see the new Bobcat range of portable power products. Bobcat will be presenting the new PA12.7V Portable Air Compressor for the first time at the show. The PA12.7V Portable Compressor is a variable pressure compressor, that utilises a system called FlexAir technology, allowing it to operate in the range of 5.5 to 12.1 bar and offer free air deliveries from 5.2 to 7 m3/min. 

This makes the PA12.7V one of the most versatile air compressors in the industry, allowing it to be applied in a very wide range of applications. Thanks to the variable free air delivery system, the same machine can be used for diverse applications, from general construction and powering hand-held pneumatic tools to abrasive blasting and cable blowing. 


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