New 8 tonne E88 Excavator Extends Bobcat R2-Series Range

Posted: 24 January 2022

Bobcat has extended the company’s R2-Series of mini-excavators with the launch of the new E88 8 tonne Stage V compliant model, replacing the previous E85 M-Series machine. The E88 delivers outstanding performance from a compact dimension machine, superb operator comfort and excellent stability with high digging output.

The E88 provides the operator with the full experience expected of an R2-Series excavator, adding new features and options such as an optional fourth AUX4 auxiliary tilt coupler line, a fifth AUX5 hydraulic coupler line as standard and a longer undercarriage. Bobcat´s acknowledged productivity is coupled with smooth controllability thanks to low effort joysticks and intuitive 5- or 7-Inch displays, class-leading visibility and exceptional transportability for its weight class. Large, easy opening covers provide convenient, ground level access to all service points and for maintenance checks.

The proven Bobcat D24 Stage V 4-cylinder engine offers a maximum power output of 48.5 kW (65 HP) and ensures the highest performance and maximum reliability. To meet Stage V emission levels, the engine uses diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF), replacing selective catalytic reduction, to achieve maximum reliability, efficiency and environmental protection.

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Top Class Operator Comfort

Like previous Bobcat R2-Series machines such as the E60 launched at the end of 2020, the new E88 continues to develop the philosophy of ‘built around the operator’. The spacious cab with plenty of headroom and legroom retains the proven design of the cab in the E60. Easy and safe to get in and out of thanks to the wide doors, unique 3D handle, anti-slip step on the undercarriage and foot space above the track, the cab makes the daily life of the operator an easier one.

The comfortable cloth high back seat is longitudinally and vertically adjustable, and is equipped as standard with a head rest and as an option, it can be heated. The seat adjustment is independent from the joystick and armrest adjustments and is applicable for any operator body weight and height. The joysticks and all the control switches and buttons are logically and ergonomically placed around the operator and easy to reach. All important information is clearly displayed on the standard 5-inch display or on an optional, class leading 7-inch touch screen display.

A comfortable work environment regardless of the outside temperatures is ensured by powerful cab heating and air conditioning, which is precisely adjustable and can be used to quickly defog the windows. The E88 can be optionally equipped with automatic temperature control (Auto HVAC).

Panoramic Visibility at the Top of its Class

Unparalleled visibility improves job site awareness, making the machine more precise, easier and more productive to use, while keeping the job site safe. The new E88 excavator is engineered with narrower, but solid cab pillars and ample glass surface area.

Rear visibility, together with the downward sloping right hand cover that does not restrict the view to the side, gives the operator the industry’s best visibility of the workgroup and the blade cutting edge as well as all around the machine.

Features like powerful demisting with adjustable heating vents in front, large heating vents in the rear, front and boom LED lights (protected against damage) and the wiper with an optimized working area ensure that visibility remains uncompromised in all conditions and at different times of the day or in rainy and foggy weather. A rear LED light is available as a kit.

For better awareness of the job site area, especially for working in confined spaces, the E88 can be equipped with the rear camera kit. This camera can be connected to the 5-Inch or 7-inch displays, both providing a high resolution view.

Excellent Productivity & High Performance

The low effort joysticks coupled with a new generation control valve make the workgroup feel like an extension of the operator’s arm and every precise movement is fully under the operator’s control. The latest generation hydraulic control valve offers improved metering for smooth controllability and natural, finite movement of the workgroup and great joystick feedback.

The high breakout forces and fast cycle times in the E88 continue to be an essential part of Bobcat’s DNA. Whether it is traveling across a jobsite, backfilling or digging, the E88 excavator’s hydraulic smart system evenly distributes the flow to ensure maximum performance. The optimized blade has been designed with a self-cleaning shape for dustpanability with a short arm, power tilt and grading bucket, and contributes to improved stability.

The blade float function simplifies grading and levelling. Blade float exerts a minimal, consistent downforce on the blade, with minimal operator input.

High Versatility

The new R2-Series E88 is available with Standard Arm and Long Arm configurations. Up to 5 arm mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines and the award-winning A-SAC (Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control) technology enable a wide range of machine customizations to match any attachment requirement, making this excavator an excellent tool carrier.

The AUX1 general purpose hydraulic line and AUX5 for hydraulic coupler control are standard equipment on the E88. The AUX2 hydraulic line for supporting functions such as rotation and the AUX4 hydraulic line for tilting control are available as an option. The AUX3 line for clam shell bucket (bucket diverter) operation is part of Bobcat’s comprehensive kit list for the E88.

Superior Stability

Like all R2-Series machines, the E88 is designed to achieve superior 360-degree stability in any situation, even when digging over the side or when handling heavier loads. It is a well-balanced machine for operating with different attachments owing to improved weight distribution, extended track length, optimized counterweight design and dual flange rollers guaranteeing superb over the side stability. This assures operators of confidence in any situation, even without the optional add-on counterweight. The additional 407 kg counterweight ensures the E88 offers the class-leading stability in the 8 tonne category, enabling a full range of attachments to be used without any worries.

With the longer undercarriage and repositioned idler and sprockets, the E88 is continuously grounded even with the blade up.

Robust Design & Easy Service and Maintenance

The new R2-Series E88 is designed as a balanced machine in performance, compactness and stability. The rear overhang is only 327 mm (without an add-on counterweight), allowing this 8 tonne machine to be used in confined space areas. The dynamic and robust design reduces the risk of downtime, with the heavy-duty steel side channels and the counterweight acting as a bumper to protect essential components, as well as all the hoses, pipes, valves, lights and other sensitive components that are important for excavator functions.

The R2-Series machine concept uses proven, reliable components (such as the engine, joysticks, cab etc) and if maintenance or service is needed, wide opening covers allowing access to all maintenance points from the ground level mean this can be done easily on the job site. Also under the right hand cover is a well placed and accessible fuel transfer pump with an auto shut down function, which is standard on the E88 and makes refuelling a quick, clean and easy process.

The large external flat areas in the E88 simplify the cleaning of outside surfaces and help to keep the machine in perfect condition. Thanks to the use of water resistant materials in the interior and smooth surfaces, together with a removable two-piece floor mat, it is easy to clean the inside of the cab as well.


As was mentioned above, the new E88 is a high performance machine in a compact package. In comparison with the previous E85 M-Series model, the new machine is 100 mm narrower (but more stable with higher lift capacities) with a maximum width of 2200 mm. The maximum overall height of 2540 mm allows the machine to be transported on a container truck without the risk of being over the EU maximum legal truck height. The tie down points inside and outside the undercarriage where the machine can be secured during transport are easily accessible and oversized for use with any type of approved fastening method.


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