New R2-Series 5-6 tonne Mini-Excavators from Bobcat

Posted: 21 October 2020

Bobcat has launched the company’s new R2-Series generation of 5-6 tonne Stage V compliant mini-excavators – the new E50z, E55z and E60 models. The R2-Series machines offer many new state-of-the-art features and options such as Bobcat’s unique award-winning Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control (A-SAC) system and the innovative Automatic Track Tensioning System (ATTS) technology. Deliveries of the first R2-Series mini-excavators will begin early in 2021.

Robert Husar, Product Line Director for Bobcat Mini-Excavators in EMEA, said: “We are delighted to announce the new Bobcat R2-Series 5-6 tonne mini-excavators, the design of which has benefitted from the close involvement of our customers at every stage of the process. The truly striking styling of these new machines is indicative of their robust and dynamic design and excellent machine fit and finish. All these models offer a best-in-class mix of high performance, superb stability and smooth controllability of the working functions.”

New Models Tailored for Different Audiences

In the E50z and E55z, Bobcat's unique Zero House Swing (ZHS) feature adds another level of protection to the standard zero tail swing design, providing full peace of mind when operating the machine near walls. With ZHS, the rotation of the upper structure of the E50z and E55z remains fully within the footprint of the tracks. This includes the boom swing offset cylinder, front corners, handles, lights and even the door in both open and closed positions.

The E50z ZHS model is an easy-to-use, robust machine optimized for specific rental industry needs while introducing the next level of operator comfort and features required by demanding owner-operators. The weight has been increased and optimized in the E50z to maximize stability, which has allowed Bobcat to provide a long arm as standard equipment. The E55z is a premium performance model - it is the largest and most powerful Bobcat machine with the ZHS design.

The new E60 is the R2-Series flagship model in all aspects - this conventional swing model features a more powerful engine, a larger cab and other new unique features. In the E60, a tail overhang of only 280 mm allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces. This ensures the machine is an ideal tool for highly demanding applications where performance has a priority.

The R2-Series mini-excavators are now powered by the new Bobcat D18 (E50z/E55z) and D24 (E60) Stage V high torque diesel engines, designed specifically for Bobcat compact equipment and based on a well proven design installed in thousands of Bobcat machines worldwide. The new engines improve overall machine performance, while meeting the strictest Stage V emissions regulations. The use of DPF technology allows the new mini-excavators to be employed in emission-regulated zones such as city centres.

Built Around the Operator

Like the very successful Bobcat R-series 2-4 tonne machines launched in 2018, the new R2-Series mini-excavators are built around the operator and are designed to take this philosophy a big stage further.

This makes operators feel even more at home when working with these machines. All three excavators offer a best-in-class roomy cab with space where the operator really needs it, with more headroom, legroom and plenty of storage areas. A comfortable seat that can be optionally heated and fitted with a headrest ensures operators will enjoy working a full day in all of these new machines. The new 5-inch display panel and the optional 7-inch touchscreen display with integrated radio and rear view camera takes comfort and visibility to the next level.

The new R2-Series mini-excavators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as a latest generation main control valve, dual curve joysticks and proportional thumb-controlled boom swing offset. Traditional Bobcat performance coupled with great controllability ensures that the new excavators feel like an extension of the operators’ hands when they are in command of the controls.

To ensure that operators can work precisely and safely, the new excavators offer best-in-class panoramic visibility from the cab, with solid but narrow pillars, ensuring the operator is fully aware of the working area around the machine. Features such as powerful demisting, LED lights, wipers with intermittent function and a heated rear window ensure that visibility remains uncompromised in all circumstances.

Increased Versatility

Up to five arm-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines and the optional A-SAC technology enable a wide choice of machine customization options to match any attachment requirement, further enhancing the role of these excavators as excellent tool carriers. The A-SAC system is a unique solution that enables operators to customize control patterns of auxiliary hydraulic circuits on Bobcat mini-excavators, depending on their set-up preferences for using hydraulic attachments.

The A-SAC system is operated by using the push buttons conveniently located on top of each of the joysticks in the cab. Used in combination with the A-SAC switch on the control panel, the operator can select one of seven pre-set control pattern combinations that allow them to keep their hands on the joysticks when carrying out their work. This leads to higher productivity and saves time and money that would otherwise be lost through having to get used to new working modes or machine customization.

Superior Stability

The new R2-Series machines are designed to achieve superior 360-degree stability in any situation, even when digging over the side or when handling heavy loads. An improved counterweight design and dual flange rollers guarantee superb over the side stability and provide operators with even more confidence in any situation.

Tough & Robust Design

Heavy-duty steel side channels and a counterweight acting as a bumper help to protect essential inner components and all other critical components, such as lights and hoses, have additional protection. The R2-Series machines can also be supplied with the patented optional Cylinder-Inside-Boom (CIB) system to offer maximum protection of the boom cylinder as well as the load hold valve.

Bobcat Automatic Track Tensioning System

Another new option is the Bobcat Automatic Track Tensioning System (ATTS) which utilizes the machine’s hydraulic system pressure to ensure a proper track tension at any time. The machine track tension can be adjusted to match the site conditions in which it is working. This makes work more efficient and saves money and time. Correctly setting the track tension leads to longer track life. This system eliminates the need to keep manually retensioning the tracks, resulting in minimized machine downtime, extended lifetime of undercarriage components (tracks, rollers) and simple track replacement.

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