Pallet Forks, Rotating

Pallet Forks, Rotating

This versatile attachment isn't just for picking up and placing large pallets of construction materials. It also handles any kind of bulky or bagged material, from cement bags to roof beams. +/-90° rotation capability makes it the perfect attachment when working in tight areas or placing material within buildings.

Features & Benefits

  • Pick up and place pallets to and from truck beds, scaffoldings and rooftops
  • +/- 90° rotation
  • Adjustable forkspacing
  • Bobcat MaxControl approved attachment

Compatible Models

Pallet Forks, Rotating Specifications

Construction and Demolition
Lifting and Handling
Road work, Recycling and Cleaning
Main features
Large, square holes in back screen provide excellent fork/load visibility
Screen made from durable, heavy gauge steel for long life.
Weights and dimensions
Item number
Operating weight (kg)
Shipping weight (kg)
Overall Length (A) (mm)
Overall Width (B) (mm)
Overall Height (C) (mm)
Floating Forks Pair 120 x 45 mm L = 1200 mm 3.8 t719034485.085.01200.0120.0-
Floating Forks Pair 120 x 50 mm L = 1200 mm 5.0 t724149797.097.01200.0120.0-
Pallet Fork Frame Standard MT55-S70680971647.047.0-100.0-
Pallet Fork Frame Standard671292791.091.0-100.0-
Pallet Fork Frame, Heavy Duty7109332162.0162.01200.01434.0-
TLS Side Shift Carriage, class II7194870-----
Floating Pallet Forks 1.12 m QT (Assy)7194864280.0280.01200.01120.0-
Floating Pallet Forks 1.44 m QT (Assy)7194865310.0310.01200.01440.0-
Floating Pallet Forks 1.12 m MT (Assy)7194868273.0273.01200.01120.0-
Floating Pallet Forks 1.44 m MT (Assy)7194869304.0304.01200.01440.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT W/ Side Shift7204270380.0380.01200.01220.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT7204268300.0300.01200.01220.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame MT7204527271.0271.01200.01220.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame Assy MT7204528295.0295.01200.01257.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame MT W/ Side Shift7204529351.0351.01200.01220.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT W/ Backrest W/ Side Shift7204271405.0405.01200.01257.0-
Fixed pallet fork frame QT7194863-----
Fixed pallet fork frame MT7194867-----
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame MT W/ Backrest W/ Side Shift7204530376.0376.01200.01257.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame Assy QT7204269325.0325.01200.01257.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT W/ Backrest80894.9234.0234.01200.01256.0
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT W/ Backrest W/ Side Shift84528.9367.0367.01200.01300.0-
Fixed Pallet Fork & Frame QT W/Side shift84527.1341.0341.01200.01300.0-
Backrest, FEM II and III7202274-----

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