Utility Fork

Utility Fork

Handle materials easier and move materials faster with the utility fork attachment. The strong, replaceable, tapered teeth handle a variety of farm and ranch chores easily and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Bob-Tach™ Attachment Mounting System: Makes easy work of attaching and detaching the utility fork. Fast and easy mounting means spending less time on attachment changes and more time on the job.
  • Replaceable Teeth: For easy attachment maintenance, utility fork teeth are replaceable, keeping the attachment working smoothly and maximizing time spent getting work done. Provisions for adding additional forks to narrow the space between fork tines.

Compatible Models

Popular Attachments

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Tiller Tiller


Break ground, prepare soil for planting, amend soil with fertilizer, manure or mulch.
Seeder Seeder


Acurate seed placement and adjustable metering.
Salt & Sand Spreader Salt & Sand Spreader

Salt & Sand Spreader

Ideal for spreading in confined areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used.
Ride-on Platform Ride-on Platform

Ride-on Platform

With our Ride-on Platform Kit you can easily alternate between ride-on or walk-behind operation depending on the work.
Remote Control Remote Control

Remote Control

Control your Bobcat loader without the need to be in the cab.
Rear Stabilizers Rear Stabilizers

Rear Stabilizers

Increase your auger, backhoe or tree spade performance in a wide range of jobs with a set of frame-mounted rear stabilizers.
Rake Rake


Easily rakes and collects surface debris, such as rocks, roots, and weeds.
Pallet Forks, Rotating Pallet Forks, Rotating

Pallet Forks, Rotating

A multi-puropse attachment for picking up and placing large pallets of construction materials and much more.
Pallet Fork, Rigid Pallet Fork, Rigid

Pallet Fork, Rigid

This versatile attachment isn’t just for picking up and placing large pallets of construction materials.
Mid-mount mower Mid-mount mower

Mid-mount mower

Turn your compact tractor into a mowing powerhouse.
Log Grapple Log Grapple

Log Grapple

Meet the challenging demands of landscaping and municipality jobsites with our new log grapple!
Laser Equipment Laser Equipment

Laser Equipment

The laser equipment offers the most innovative features to help you get to grade faster with increased accuracy.
Landscape Rake Landscape Rake

Landscape Rake

The perfect landscape finishing tool.
Landplane Landplane


A landscaping must.
Hydraulic Clamp Hydraulic Clamp

Hydraulic Clamp

Use this handy hydraulic clamp with a trenching bucket or 3-tine grapple to get a good grip on broken concrete, tree stumps and other odd shaped objec
Grapple, Industrial Grapple, Industrial

Grapple, Industrial

Built tough for reliability and endurance, the industrial bucket and fork with grapple will easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard-to-manage
Grapple, Farm – Utility On Fork Grapple, Farm - Utility on Fork

Grapple, Farm – Utility On Fork

This is the easy way to handle loose hay, bedding and manure on the farm and other sites.
Grade Lasers Grade Lasers

Grade Lasers

Bobcat's Grade Laser is a highly precise and dependable system for leveling, grading or jobs that require vertical alignment.
Fork Grapple Fork Grapple

Fork Grapple

Built tough for reliability and endurance, the fork with grapple easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard to manage materials.
Flail Mower, Self-levelling Flail Mower, Self-Levelling

Flail Mower, Self-levelling

Shred vegetation on any terrain, inluding roadways or ditches, or clear out shrub and long grass from forgotten areas.
Flail Mower, Heavy Duty Flail Mower, Heavy Duty

Flail Mower, Heavy Duty

Attack your most difficult brush and sapling clearing projects with the Bobcat® Flail Mower.
Finishing mower Finishing mower

Finishing mower

Maintain a large lawn and get a professional, well-manicured result in less time.
Dumping Hopper Dumping Hopper

Dumping Hopper

Park it, load it and dump it.
Digger Digger


The digger is ideal for nurseries and landscaping applications.
Coupler, Mechanical Coupler, Mechanical

Coupler, Mechanical

These manual couplers let you change attachments quickly, easily and safely.
Coupler, Hydraulic Coupler, Hydraulic

Coupler, Hydraulic

Hydraulically connected to the machine, the Bobcat Hydraulic Coupler allows you to change attachments rapidly and safely and from the comfort and secu
Bucket, Waste Bucket, Waste

Bucket, Waste

Optimized engineering design to move aggregates around the jobsite.
Bucket, Utility Bucket, Utility

Bucket, Utility

Utility buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style.
Bucket, Tilt Bucket, Tilt

Bucket, Tilt

Saves time and improves productivity.
Bucket, Snow And Light Material Bucket, Snow and Light Material

Bucket, Snow And Light Material

Snow is relatively light compared to soil or gravel, and we have increased the bucket size to make such type of work a breeze.