HVO Biofuel and Bobcat Equipment

What is HVO?

HVO, short for hydro-treated vegetable oil, is a renewable diesel fuel made from sustainable sources such as biological waste and cooking oil. Its chemical composition closely resembles fossil fuel and has comparable storage stability, making it an excellent drop-in replacement. 

Green "HVO Ready" logo for biofuel, indicating compatibility with HVO fuel.

How is it made?

HVO biofuel is produced through a hydro-treatment process that converts organic materials into pure hydrocarbon diesel fuel. This method ensures minimal environmental impact while also producing a high-quality product that meets the EN15940 specification.

An outdoor action shot of a male operator scooping up a pile of hay using Bobcat's L95 compact wheel loader.

How can you use it?

HVO biofuel serves as a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional diesel, offering enhanced performance and environmental benefits. From powering mini excavators to forklifts, HVO empowers a wide array of Doosan Bobcat machines to operate sustainably.

An outdoor action shot of a male operator lifting a metal pole beside a river using Bobcat's TL25.60 compact telehandler.


Easy Integration

HVO biofuel can be used as a direct replacement for fossil diesel, requiring no modifications to machinery.

Enhanced Performance

With superior combustion efficiency and cold weather performance, HVO ensures optimal machine operation in diverse conditions.

Environmental Friendliness

Significantly lower emissions, improved biodegradability, and reduced toxicity make HVO a clear winner for the environment.

Carbon Neutrality

HVO's renewable sourcing and up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions contribute to a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future. 

HVO and the Environment

HVO can play a pivotal role in mitigating environmental impact across multiple fronts. By reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality through lower PM and Sox emissions, HVO helps pave the way towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

Environmental Benefits: 

  • Produced from sustainable and renewable sources, such as biological waste and cooking oil.
  • Up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions WTW (well-to-wheel)
  • Alternative to crude oil
An outdoor action shot of a male operator driving through the snow using Bobcat's TL25.60 telehandler with a snow plowing attachment.

HVO and My Machines

Wondering whether your Bobcat machine is compatible with HVO biofuel? Great news! Bobcat has officially approved the use of HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) biofuel and other EN 15940 Standard Paraffinic fuels for the following machines equipped with diesel engines meeting EU Stage V emissions regulations: