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Attachments / Box Blade - Standard & HD

Box Blade (Standard & HD)

Bobcat HD box blade attachment.

Avoid rework. The Bobcat® box blade attachment gives more control while providing less ground disturbance and the durability you’ve come to expect. Improve precision with its available 2D laser technology which interface with the cab’s Deluxe Instrumentation or touch display. An available 3D laser integrates into a separate display giving the operator maximum control over the attachment.  A large box helps to move more dirt and material every pass.

Improve efficiency with the HD box blade that is capable of moving material in either forward or reverse. Don’t let a worn blade slow you down. The cutting edge on the moldboard is reversible. Flip it over and start fresh. On the HD box blade, wheels positioned behind the attachment allow for tight, even paths. All the features on the HD box blade were designed to make working on slopes effortless, so as to create a near perfect finish on any grade.

Standard Box Blade

Top Tasks

  • Rough grading and landscaping
  • Fill in low spots
  • Carry materials along to bring the surface close to grade

HD Box Blade

Top Tasks

  • Fine and precise grading for flatwork applications

How It Works

The front bolster on the box blade can be raised or lowered to control the height of the cutting edge. Lower the cutting edge to cut and raise it to dump the material.


How It Works

Laser control system the laser receiver controls the height of the bolster and cutting edge.



  • Compatible with Trimble systems used on current Bobcat equipment
  • Box End Wings: Help to carry more when spreading fine materials such as sand or gravel. Include adjustable and replaceable bottom edges.
  • Fingertip Controls: Raise and lower the blade from the comfort of the cab, providing smooth controls for precise grading.
  • Foam-Filled Tires: Designed for increased uptime protection, tires are filled with foam for guaranteed no flats. Also, add flotation while operating, keeping the box blade moving smoothly over the work area.


  • Compatible with Trimble systems used on current Bobcat equipment
  • Dual blade design: Move material in both forward and reverse directions. Operating in reverse covers tracks for a smooth finish.
  • Compact design with wheels behind blade allows for operation in tight spaces
  • Available with 2D laser technology: Software integrated into Deluxe Instrumentation or touch display shows the location of laser feedback
  • Available 3D technology: Integrated into a separate display in the cab
  • Flat and slope grading ability: Ensures a smoother finish on more terrains.


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