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An experience created to empower early talent, Bobcat’s student program is an opportunity to pursue professional development, further your student experience by applying your studies to real-world projects, and gain hands-on experience in your desired career path while completing your undergrad degree. Our vision? Preparing you for wherever your talents and grit take you in your post-university chapter.

Student Testimonials

  • Emma Arstein Headshot of Intern Emma Arstein

    Emma Arstein



    "My student experience with Bobcat has undoubtedly prepared me for the real world. I have more industry experience than 75% or more of the other students at NDSU. The knowledge that I have gained through my time at the company has been incredibly valuable for both my classes and for my future career goals."

  • Kipton Jenson Headshot of Intern Kipton Jenson

    Kipton Jenson



    "I chose Bobcat because of its size and history of success. Bobcat has teams in specialized business functions which gives students the opportunity to understand how a successful and growing business runs at a granular level. If you work hard, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience that will certainly transfer into any career path you chose to take in the future."

  • David Prohofsky Headshot of Intern David Prohofsky

    David Prohofsky



    "The Bobcat student experience is preparing me for the real world by allowing me to do real world work that has the potential to generate revenue for the company and to place the responsibility of such projects on myself with the aid of a manager. The co-op experience will allow you to make a actual difference. You will be able to learn the in's and out's of being a bobcat team member without the walled garden feeling that other places may provide."

  • Elena George Headshot of Intern Elena George

    Elena George



    "Students should know that it is the best internship you can find. Not only is Bobcat going to teach you so much about your position and life, but you will also have so much fun while doing it. Bobcat wants you to succeed as a student and person, and is finding the best possible ways to make that happen for you. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today, ready to learn and grow, having not had this internship. I am hoping to be with this company for many years to come!"

  • Elana Showalter Headshot of Intern Elana Showalter

    Elana Showalter

    Manufacturing Engineering


    "Bobcat offers you a tremendous amount of support and learning opportunities. They take what you're learning in school and apply it to real life scenarios, and you're given room to learn and grow as an engineer. I know for a fact that I will walk away from this experience as a better engineer with a more in depth understanding of the material I learned about in class."

  • Catie Haynes Headshot of Intern Catie Haynes

    Catie Haynes

    Human Resources 


    "Our company's strong reputation in the industry contributes to its distinctiveness. We are recognized as a leader in our field, known for our innovative approach, exceptional products/services, and a track record of success. This reputation not only attracts top talent but also provides interns with a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and be a part of groundbreaking projects."

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