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Sub-Compact Tractors

Sub-compact tractors from Bobcat® are strong enough for big jobs yet small enough to work in tight areas.

They offer more power and versatility than you’ll get from a small lawn or garden tractor; their small size and maneuverability make them ideal for working around barns, sheds and trees. But they add the horsepower you need for tackling a wide variety of light-duty tasks and using PTO-powered implements and attachments.  

Choose from two 1000 platform sub-compact tractor models each featuring a convenient 46-inch width, Limited Category 1 three-point hitch and an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission

Built tough and easy to maintain, there’s nothing sub-standard about these affordable sub-compact machines.


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CT1021 HST Bobcat CT1021 Sub-Compact Tractor Knockout Image On White Background
1000 Platform
CT1021 HST

Engine Horsepower
21 hp
PTO Horsepower
16.3 hp
Operating Weight
1521 lb

CT1025 HSTD Bobcat CT1025 Compact Tractor Knockout Image On White Background
1000 Platform

Engine Horsepower
24.5 hp
PTO Horsepower
18.8 hp
Operating Weight
1521 lb


Top Features & Benefits

1000 Platform Standard Features

Affordable 1000 platform models come standard with a long list of features designed to help you get more work done. Four-wheel drive can be easily engaged as the work demands. Compact size and tight turning radius help you work close to trees, inside buildings and around obstacles. Rear PTO and Limited Category 1 three-point hitch give you the flexibility to use PTO-powered implements or attachments. Generous lift capacity and height let you take on bigger jobs.

Mid-PTO for Using a Mid-Mount Mower

A mid-PTO is standard on 1000 platform mowers, making it possible to use a mid-mount mower. A mid-mount mower, also called a belly mower, provides superior maneuverability for mowing efficiently around trees, buildings and other obstacles. The mower’s drive-over design makes it quick and easy to hook up. Mid-PTO also powers front-mounted attachments, making it possible to combine two tools on one machine – one in the back and either one in the front or a mid-mount mower.

Easy-to-Operate Hydrostatic Transmission

1000 platform sub-compact tractors feature a hydrostatic (2-Range HST) transmission for an experience that is similar to driving a vehicle. Extremely easy to use with fast, simple direction changes using foot pedals. One pedal moves you forward, the other moves you in reverse – no shifting required. A great choice for doing frequent back and forth movement, and ideal if you’re new to driving a tractor.

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