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Versatile Compactors for Multiple Types of Terrain

Bobcat is dedicated to breaking down your barriers to productivity and profit with a tough lineup of light compaction equipment. Our reversible plate compactors (three models), forward plate compactors (three models), rammers (two models) and the mighty TR75 trench roller are powerful, robust, easy to operate and simple to maintain. The design advantages built into every Bobcat® light compaction machine help operators accomplish more with less effort.  

Make short work of a wide range of material compaction tasks - on all terrain types - with versatile Bobcat light compaction machines.

Handle Tough Compaction Tasks on Any Jobsite

Set the Foundation for Your Next Project

Heavy-duty compaction jobs are no match for the resilient and efficient array of light compaction tools from Bobcat. With sturdy, user-friendly designs, simple maintenance and performance that packs a powerful punch, you can accomplish more in less time. Check out our light compaction lineup in action.

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Rammers Bobcat Rammer On White Background


Equipped with durable Honda engines, the Bobcat R68P and R60P compaction rammers are easy to use and built to last, delivering precise compaction in trenches and other confined work areas where other compaction equipment can’t reach. Featuring a forward design and best-in-class balance, Bobcat rammers direct all the compaction power squarely onto the targeted surface area. With a wide range of available foot sizes, their versatility is limitless. 

Forward Plate Compactors Bobcat Forward Plate Compactor On White Background

Forward Plate Compactors

Bobcat forward plate compactors deliver industry-leading forward movement for great compaction results and less operator fatigue. These walk-behind machines feature durable Honda engines for reliable starts, maximum power and low fuel consumption. Reduce dust or keep the vibratory plate clear of asphalt buildup with the water tank and sprinkler system. These plate compactors are designed for efficient compaction of granular soils, crushed aggregates, and hot mix asphalt. 

Reversible Plate Compactors Bobcat Reversible Plate Compactor On White Background

Reversible Plate Compactors

Equipped with hydraulic direction control, Bobcat reversible plate compactors deliver quick direction changes and minimum-effort compaction in tight spaces. The RP22.40 and RP30.50 feature durable and efficient Honda engines. Our largest reversible plate compactor, the RP49.20D, features a rugged, Tier 4 diesel engine with electric start. These high-powered pounders are ideal for compacting granular materials such as sand, gravel and asphalt.

Trench Rollers Bobcat TR75 Trench Roller On White Background

Trench Rollers

With its powerful diesel engine and two amplitude settings, the Bobcat TR75 trench roller delivers high-compaction performance on a variety of soil types and in many applications, including pipeline construction. Operated by remote control, the TR75 features an oscillating articulated joint that increases stability and ground contact. Stay out of the trenches and outsmart operator fatigue with the versatile, remote-controlled TR75 trench roller.


An Operator Uses an Upright Rammer to Compact the Soil


These essential tools handle tough backfilling tasks. Bobcat light compaction products help you minimize settling and ensure soil stability after excavating foundations or constructing retaining walls and other structures. You can count on solid results every time. 

An Operator Compacts a Large Section of Landscaping Rock With the Bobcat Reversible Plate Compactor


Bobcat light compaction products provide dependable performance and precision compaction for pathways or patios and for preparing base material before laying pavers or bricks. These machines simplify hardscaping installation and other tasks, ensuring a solid foundation for a beautiful environment. 

An Operator Uses a Bobcat Forward Plate Compactor to Compact a Section of Asphalt Between a Sidewalk and Driveway

Road Maintenance

Streamline pavement work with Bobcat light compaction products. Efficiently compact soil or layers of asphalt, whether you work with rammers, forward plates or reversible plates. Look to the Bobcat brand for site prep, resurfacing projects and more. 

An Operator Near a Trench Watches the Remotely Controlled Bobcat Trench Roller Compact a Trench


Get great performance in all types of construction projects with the Bobcat light compaction lineup. Effectively compact soil around pipelines, cables and foundation footings. Compact the soil around utility lines, pipes or wires for optimal soil stability during utility construction. Prepare foundations for pouring by compacting and stabilizing soil for long-term stability.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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