Light Compaction


A new range of products designed for productivity and performance.

Bobcat is dedicated to breaking down your barriers to productivity and profit with a tough lineup of light compaction equipment. Our reversible plate compactors (three models), forward plate compactors (three models), rammers (two models) and the mighty TR75 trench roller are powerful, robust, easy to operate and simple to maintain. The design advantages built into every Bobcat® light compaction machine help operators accomplish more with less effort.  

Make short work of a wide range of material compaction tasks - on all terrain types - with versatile Bobcat light compaction machines.

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Construction Worker Packing Dirt Using A Bobcat Rammer


Bobcat rammers are ideal for precise compaction work in small areas or places tough to reach with larger compaction equipment. They are highly maneuverable and most effective on cohesive soil types such as clays. 

Our rammers deliver best-in-class balance that directs the machines’ compaction power to the targeted surface area. The result is greater hitting force with less effort. 

At the surface level or in trenches, Bobcat rammer applications are virtually endless. (Models: R60P and R68P.)

Landscaper Using A Bobcat Forward Plate Compactor On A Patio Project

Forward Plate Compactors

Bobcat forward plate compactors achieve optimal compaction of a variety of granular materials, including sand, gravel and asphalt.  

These versatile machines can be used in a wide range of applications, including compaction work within trenches or surface-material compaction.  

Quickly attach the optional, toolless mat to operate the plate compactor on paving stones without cracking or chipping the surface.  

Use the water kit and sprinkler system to knock down dust or keep the vibratory plate free of material buildup. (Models: FP10.33, FP15.40 and FP15.50.)

Bobcat Reversible Plate Compactor Packing Dirt On A Construction Site

Reversible Plate Compactors

Bobcat reversible plate compactors are versatile machines that can tackle a variety of material compaction applications and are ideal for compacting granular materials such as sand, gravel and asphalt. 

Tackle a wide range of applications, including open-area compaction work, trench work and compacting materials in tight spaces. 

With forward and reverse direction control, operators gain outstanding maneuverability with quick and easy directional changes as well as precise spot compaction work. 

Slip on the optional toolless rubber mat and operate a Bobcat reversible plate on paving blocks without cracking or chipping the surface. (Models RP22.40 and RP30.50.)

Bobcat Trench Roller Entering A Trench To Compact Dirt

Trench Rollers

Bobcat Trench Rollers are easily maneuverable and efficient. The Bobcat Trench roller boasts of  an oscillating articulated joint, powerful diesel engine and two amplitude settings, the remote-controlled TR75 delivers high-compaction performance on a variety of soil types and in many commercial and industrial applications including: 

  • Pipeline construction 
  • Commercial, industrial and residential development 
  • Structure backfill work 
  • Confined workspaces 
  • Electric and cable installation 
  • Road and rail sub-base