Bag it, mulch it, or stripe it. The possibilities are endless.

Zero-Turn Mower Attachments & Accessories

Customize Your Cut.

Your Bobcat® zero-turn mower can adapt to a wide variety of different conditions and work needs with attachments and accessories. Increase your productivity and get better results – no matter the job.

Mower Attachments

A BOSS-VAC Pro Collection System for Bobcat Mowers

BOSS-VAC Pro Collection System (8 & 12-Bushel)

This bagger attachment for Bobcat zero-turn mowers will leave lawns free of cuttings for fresh, clean results. Easy to attach and remove, and easy to dump.

Closeup Image Of A Grass Catcher for Bobcat Mowers

Grass Catcher: Poly-Dump (3.75 & 5-Bushel)

If you need a leaf attachment for your zero-turn mower, the Bobcat grass catcher can’t be beaten. Collect clippings and achieve a beautiful lawn without the need to bend over.

Closeup Image Of A Mulch Baffle Kit for Bobcat Mowers

Mulch Baffle Kit

Install the Bobcat mulch baffle kit and create a perfectly manicured lawn while returning organic material to the grass. Enables your mower to process grass into very small pieces quickly and efficiently.

Mower Accessories

A Weight Kit Installed on a Bobcat Mower

Weight Kit

Add weight to the front of your mower for better weight distribution.

A Bobcat Light Kit Mounted to a Zero-Turn Mower

Light Kit, Footplate

The Bobcat light kit helps you complete early morning or late night mowing with a high-visibility beam of LED light at the front of the mower.

A Bobcat Deck Striping Kit for Zero-Turn Mowers

Deck Striping Kit

The Bobcat striping kit presses grass down to create a must-have look for your turf.

A Bobcat Magnetic Light Kit for Bobcat Zero-Turn Mowers

Magnetic Light Kit, 12V

This magnetic light for your Bobcat zero-turn mower improves visibility from dusk to dawn. 

A ROPS Canopy Kit for a Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower

ROPS Canopy Kit

The Bobcat zero-turn mower canopy provides both comfort and protection – so the elements will never keep you from getting the job done.

A Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower ECO Plate

ECO Plate

The ECO plate for Bobcat zero-turn mowers is easily attached without tools. It provides a simple mulching solution for debris control around landscape beds and along sidewalks and roads.

A Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower ROPS


Add commercial-grade rollover protection to your zero-turn mower.

A Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower Seat Suspension Kit

Seat Suspension Kit

The seat suspension kit for your Bobcat zero-turn mower helps you mow all day long in comfort – even on bumpy, uneven terrain.

No-Flat Caster Wheels for a Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower

Rubber No-Flat Caster Wheel Options

Add no-flat caster wheels to tackle smooth and rough terrain without going flat.

A Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower Hitch Accessory

ZT Hitch Kit

This hitch for Bobcat zero-turn mowers helps you tow trailers, spreaders and other pull-behind equipment to get more work done.

Compatible Models

Zero-Turn Mower Attachments & Accessories
Mulching Baffle Kit
Eco Plate
Grass Catcher: Poly-Dump, 3.75- or 5-Bushel
Weight Kit
Seat Suspension Kit
BOSS-VAC Pro 12-Bushel Collection System
BOSS-VAC 8-Bushel Collection System
52", 61" 
Deck Striping Kit
48", 52", 61" 
48", 52" 
ZT Hitch Kit
No-Flat Caster Wheel Options
Magnetic Light Kit, 12V
Light Kit, Footplate
ROPS Canopy Kit
*ROPS Kit Required 
*ROPS Kit Required 

Customize Your Mower

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