Plug into the electric-powered future with Bobcat equipment.

Compact Electric Equipment: Redefining What’s Possible

Compact Track Loaders, Compact Excavators, Mowers & More  

At Bobcat, we're reinventing how work gets done. With a focus on sustainability and industry-leading performance, Bobcat alternative-power solutions are designed to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. With our storied history of innovation, we’re challenging the status quo to bring electrification to life for hard-working people who rely on their equipment to accomplish more. Learn more about our electric equipment lineup that includes compact loaders, compact excavators, mowers and more. 

Seeing Is Believing:

Bobcat Electric Equipment Is Built To Impress & Perform.

Bobcat is bringing power, performance, and sustainability to the world of compact equipment– and the response from dealers, customers and operators has been phenomenal. See how demonstration attendees react to our T7X compact track loader.

Reasons To Get Charged up About Electric Equipment

A Bobcat E10e battery-electric compact excavator uses a nitrogen breaker on a concrete floor inside an enclosed room.

Zero Emissions

Expand your jobsite versatility with electric Bobcat equipment. Producing no emissions, these electric machines can offer labor-saving performance and tackle tough jobs on environmentally sensitive worksites or indoors where exhaust is restricted. 

A Bobcat Electric Compact Excavator With Hydraulic Breaker Attachment Breaking Concrete in an Indoor Area

Precise Control

The innovative design and advanced controls of Bobcat electric equipment bring smooth, powerful performance with precise, virtually instantaneous control response. Incredible torque delivery ensures there is no performance tradeoff. In many respects, operators will notice a performance increase. 

An Electric Bobcat Compact Track Loader Pushing Into a Pile of Dirt

Quiet Operation

The low noise levels of Bobcat electric equipment allow for a level of operator comfort that simply can’t be matched in a traditional machine. With drastically reduced sound and vibration, operators experience less fatigue. It’s also great for urban environments where noise restrictions can limit work hours.

A Bobcat E10e battery-electric compact excavator scoops concrete inside an enclosed room.

Easy to Operate

When you take the controls on a piece of Bobcat electric equipment, you'll experience a familiar operation experience with instrumentation that is nearly identical to our more traditional equipment. If you can operate a diesel- or gas-powered Bobcat machine, you’ll be able to operate its electric counterpart.  

Battery-Electric Compact (Mini) Excavators

E10e A Bobcat E10e Electric Compact Track Loader


With a compact footprint and zero emissions, the E10e can tackle tough jobs in small spaces – both indoors and outdoors.

  • Battery Capacity: 11.5 kWh  
  • Rated Power: 7.5 kW (10.05 hp) @ 3000 rpm  
  • CHARGE TIME 120V/15A: ~10-12 hours  
  • CHARGE TIME 240V/50A: ~2 hours  
  • Weight: 2648 lb.  
  • Width (Tracks Retracted): 28 in.  
  • Aux Flow: 5.28 gpm  
E19e A Bobcat E19e Electric Compact Track Loader


The E19e has impressive torque in a compact package with a retractable undercarriage and blade. An on-board charger supports 12-hour overnight charging. 

  • Battery Capacity: 17.3 kWh  
  • Rated Power: 10 [13.4] kW [hp]  
  • CHARGE TIME 120V/15A: ~10-12 hours  
  • CHARGE TIME 240V/50A: ~2 hours  
  • Weight: 4225 lb.  
  • Width (Tracks Retracted): 38.6 in.  
  • Aux Flow: 6.4 gpm  

All-Electric Compact Loaders

T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader A Bobcat T7X Electric Compact Track Loader

T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader

The award-winning Bobcat T7X is the world’s first all-electric compact track loader. Completely battery powered,  this machine is the first of its kind to eliminate all hydraulic components and emissions. With all the performance found in its diesel counterparts and more, the T7X can generate incredible performance characteristics with instantaneous torque that’s as much as three times greater than traditional loaders. The peak power is as much as 107 hp on our all-electric compact track loader, but the low noise on the machine allows for ultra-quiet operation. 

S7X All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader A Bobcat S7X Electric Skid-Steer Loader

S7X All-Electric Skid-Steer Loader

As the inventor of the original skid-steer loader, Bobcat is proud to reinvent the machine that created the industry with the introduction of the S7X all-electric skid-steer loader. The S7X produces zero emissions as it features a redesigned drivetrain that is fully powered by its innovative 60.5-kWh lithium-ion battery. Operators can achieve up to eight hours of runtime on each charge. Compared to diesel machines, Bobcat all-electric compact loaders use 96% less fluids for less maintenance and low total cost of ownership.

All-Electric Zero-Turn Mower

A Bobcat ZT6000e Electric Mower


The ZT6000e zero-turn mower delivers up to 6 hours of emissions-free mowing performance, depending on grass conditions.  

Available in 52- and 61-inch widths, the ZT6000e zero-turn mower is equipped with a 58V lithium-ion battery and AirFX™ mowing deck. Its integrated 4.3-inch touchscreen display manages both drive speed and blade tip speed. Charge time is as little as six hours from a 240V outlet. 

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